Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sing Along Music DVDs

Even though there isn't a massive age gap between the kids, I often struggle with things they can both watch. Lexie enjoys mickey mouse clubhouse & Mr Tumble, which Raiden hates! Raiden enjoys things like Mr bean, scooby doo etc. but they both enjoy music I was asked to review some music DVDs! So I thought great, but I bet one likes it and not the other! 

The DVDs came and they are all nursery rhyme songs, I've sung nursery rhymes to them. since since they was little babies! I love action rhymes, I think it's hugely important to read and sing to children. After all there brains are little sponges soaking up everything!  

 The first DVD was the wheels on the bus 

Meet the boys and girls as they sing and dance their way through 20 favourite songs on this great new Children's DVD. Join Tony and the kids on a train, on a farm, down on the building site, on the beach and much more. Children will love the brilliant songs and will enjoy watching all the fun & games!

Here is the playlist for the DVD:

1. The wheels on the bus 2. Going to the zoo 3. Captain Pugwash/Sailor's hornpipe 4. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 5. If you're happy and you know it 6. The Grand Old Duke of York 7. One man went to mow 8. Miss Polly had a dolly 9. She sells sea shells 10. I hear thunder 11. Humpty dumpty 12. If you take a piece of wood 13. The big ship sails through the alley alley o 14. London Bridge is falling down 15. Heads shoulders knees and toes 16. You are my sunshine 17. Dingle dangle scarecrow 18. London's burning 19. How much is that doggie in the window 20. Jelly on the plate.

The second DVD was Twinkle twinkle little star 

They're back!!....There's more of Tony and the boys and girls to enjoy as they sing and dance their way through 16 favourite songs on this great new children's DVD. Children will love the music and will enjoy watching and joining in with all the fun and dancing. There is also a great special features section where you meet the kids, enjoy funny outtakes and see how the kids progressed from rehearsal to filming.

Here is the playlist for the DVD:

1. Twinkle twinkle little star 2. When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears 3. Five little monkeys bouncing on the bed 4. Song Twisters 5. Round and round the garden 6. Bicycle made for two (Daisy, Daisy) 7. Wind the bobbin up 8. Here we go round the mulberry bush 9. Hop little bunnies 10. Incy wincy spider 11. John Brown's Baby 12. The farmer's in his den 13. ABC song 14. One finger one thumb keep moving 15. Ring a ring of roses BONUS TRACK 16. Happy Birthday PLUS an additional special features section.

Ive got to admit I've been gobsmacked by the reaction to both kids, considering Raidens five and Lexie's one, they both really enjoy the DVD's so much. Its great seeing them play and dance together ( its quite heart melting really) Its got to the stage where Raiden is asking for the DVDs on before school, which I'm hoping will burn off some morning energy and help with he's behaviour. I think i will be buying a few more of these when i get payed there are a few more titles, that have caught my eye on the website.

The DVDS are a mere £5.10 each and are available from

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