Saturday, 5 May 2012

Real Nappy Care & Washing

When i used to think cloth nappies, i thought hard work but its actually easier than you think. OK it is slightly harder than rolling and chucking a disposable but its not as hard as you think! 

Speaking to my mom about cloth nappies and she said i was forever soaking in bleach or boiling your nappies in the pan, then they would be a mountain of white terries drying on the line! 

So where do you start? There is so much choice around. I think its a gamble and if you are able to them shop around and get a feel for different brands.

I  store used nappies them in a bucket with a lid, until they are ready to wash, I've used flushable liners so if Lexie has done a poo its gonna most of it. Some of my friends use a waterproof wet bag to store dirty nappies in too. I normally pull the insert out too and pop it in the bucket, so when its in the machine it gets a good clean.

I'm a soap nut user so i pop my dirty nappies in the wash, add my bag of soap nuts. Put on a cold rinse then on a 30% wash cycle. If you using Use non-biological washing powder. You will only need a very small amount of washing powder ,. Using too much can make your reusable nappies stiff and the build up of residue may lead to smelly nappies and nappy rash too. You should avoid fabric conditioner when washing real nappies, as this can affect the absorbency of them.

Line drying: the cheapest and most environmentally friendly option is to dry nappies on the line. This will maximise the life of your reusable nappies, while the sunshine is a great way of getting out stains too.

Some nappies can go in the tumble dryer on low heat but (please check the nappy instructions first)

Make sure they are completely dry before putting away, i store mine in a big box at the moment, which I'm hoping to change to a three pull out drawer. 

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