Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Olly the Little White Van, the hit children’s animated TV series on CiTV, has launched its first app for iPhones and IPads.

The brand new Olly the Little White Van app features the adventures of a friendly, helpful, eager-to-please little van, lots of his friends around Bumpton Village and his driver Stan. 

 In this fun and exciting new app, Olly helps his friends to deliver important packages in and around the town. The app features two games – Delivery race:  Help Olly pick-up and deliver packages around a maze in three different locations and Fix It:  Olly’s friends have broken down, help Olly put them back together fitting their parts into the right places.

Raiden really enjoyed playing the APP, although I think it's suits slightly younger children as he found it easy to complete. Helps with colour/shape recognition and hand & eye coordinationI hope they add to the APP with more levels or maybe harder levels to complete. Overall a pleasant and very jolly app! I think Raiden has more games on my IPad than me now hehe 

Olly the Little White Van app is free and available from iTunes: Click Here For The FREE App

Olly the Little White Van airs weekdays on CiTV at 9.45am and 1pm.

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