Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Me A Nail Polish Addict......Nooooooo!!

OK I think I need to admit I'm a nail polish addict! I seriously only stopped biting my nails around 6 years ago, I used to hate my stumpy nails. Ever since I've stopped I've been hooked on the pretty sparkly stuff!  

 I'm a massive Nails Inc fan, nothing beats it! I remember my other half coming home with some freebies off a magazine and OMG I was  hooked!  I love my collection and I'm totally in love with the bling-tastic lids.

 My Other half treated me to the new limited edition Jubilee and it's so amazingly pretty, I've had so many comments, it was defiantly worth the price tag. 

 I wanted to share a few favourites of mine. ( it would be impossible to pick just one) hehe 

First off is the Malibu collection, my two favourtive things combined together, total winner!

limited edition will with union jack lid ( still cant get my hands on the Catherine one sob)

little miss splendid green, totally amazing pearly effect.

Special K red with red bling lid ( every girl needs  a red polish right) 

dairy milk bliss, this is a great neural colour goes with everything.

So there you go... Am i an addict???



  1. !!! I can't believe how many you have! I was also a chronic nail biter and when I finally beat it I loved to paint my hard worked for nails! But I have less than 10 varnishes and now I just use nailtiques as I like the natural look and too lazy to paint them properly, I never wait long enough for them to dry!

  2. Brilliant! I have quite a nice new collection myself. I like OPI polish at the mo' and Max Factor are pretty good too x