Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cloth Nappies - Itti Bitti - One & Twos - Fuzzibunz Review

As you all know I've recently converted to cloth nappies. I've got to admit the process has been very overwhelming, Ive got confused with the amount of different brands on the market, along with the huge range of prices. I wish I knew what I do now when I was pregnant.  

The initial cost for me at the moment too has put a strain on my budget, that's why I decided to send a few emails to see if I could get any help. I was worried about wasting my money on the wrong nappies, I would love to test every brand but ATM my budget won't let me.  

 My first email back was from a lovely lady at Itti Bitti, who was very nice and sent me an Itti Bitti and a Ones & Twos for me too test out. 

So i only had to wait a few days for my fluffy post to arrive.

 The first nappy was a multi stripe Itti Bitti, it's not a design I would of picked for Lexie as i felt it was pretty boyish. Although the thickness and softness was great. I opened the nappy and got a bit confused there so so much to it. After reading the instructions on the website, it's pretty simple the coloured poppers click together and the is an extra insert too. The nappy was a great fit and super absorbent, it was also quick to dry. Which surprised me because of the thickness of it. I love the bold and bash prints that are available, my favourite at the moment is the Red Galaxy

 The second was the one&twos, in a gorgeous yellow loved how it comes with a built in soaker pad and an extra insert with you can add in to the little pocket. I'm actually finding the Velcro tabs easier than the poppers. personally think it gives the nappy a better fit than poppers ones, plus Ive had trouble with the poppers leaking due to me not doing them right *whoops*. This is the only nappy that I've found to have got the longest, without leaking too. Which has really impressed me. It took slightly longer to dry, but I think that's to do with the built in soaker pad. I love the idea of how they have kept it plain and simple with the colours, bright and bold. I think next on my list is defiantly the Pink

My second email was from a lovely lady at Fuzzibunz, I got sent a gorgeous apple OneSizeElite nappy. The nappy is pretty light, big and roomy compared to my other nappies.  it has the extra insert that you pop in the pocket. The poppers I had to take in an extra one to make it a snug fit on Lexie. It's great to put on with leggings as it doesn't give Lexie the big bum look. great absorbency and very quick to dry. Fuzzibunz have a great selection of block colours along with a a few limited edition prints too. Which im loving the new strawberry delight print.   

 Ive been pretty impressed with all three of the nappies, they have all been better i think than the current brands I've been using on my daughter. With all my nappies I do a pre-rinse then, on a 30c cycle with my soap nuts, then I dry on an airier!  

 Always read the instructions before use. 

I want to say a massive Thank you for the emails back. Its opened my eyes to the difference in nappies.

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