Tuesday, 1 May 2012

City Of Friends Game App

Ive been posting a lot about the fab new show City Of Friends. They have just brought out a new app that teaches kids about the emergency services.

Even though the IPad is an amazing tool, i still get concerned about the games on it, i want to make sure there age appropriate. Raiden  is the first to ask to play on it and then try's to download lots of different games. He gets bored pretty easy so i tend to download the free trial ones, to see how he gets on with them, as otherwise they can end up pretty costly.

We was sent over the New City of Friends app which he was rather excited about.

The app has been launched around the kid’s TV show City of Friends which has turned into a global phenomenon and currently broadcasting in over 150 countries worldwide.

Designed for pre-schoolers and their families, the City of Friends app has become the number one app for children in its native Norway and teaches kids about the emergency services by interacting with the show’s main characters; a police officer, a fire officer and a paramedic.

 This is the main menu and there is three levels you can complete, so you 
start of easy, then medium then the last harder level.

The first game was a match you game , you turned two cards over at a time and tryed to match them up. Me and Raiden played this and it was really good, even though Raiden tryed to trick me and kept saying its not there mom honest! Cheeky! 

The second game was a match up game, you had the doctor items and you had to put them in the right places in the bag. 

The third game was a game of hand and eye co-oration as you had to fly the helicopter. To collect the mail and treats, but making sure you didn't bump in to the trees, houses or mystery items floating about. It took Raiden a few go's to get this as he was going too fast, once he slowed down he got the hang of it.

 The last game, was a game of skill, as you had to aim the water to put out the fires. Raiden liked counting down how many fires he had left to put out.

Next on the menu was lots of different clips from the show, them the last game was the emergency vehicles that you can make there eyes move, open doors etc. Raiden enjoyed showing Lexie how everything was moving too.

Overall its a great learning app it kept Raiden entertained and he must of enjoyed it as he has already asked to play it after school tonight too. 

The app is £1.49 and you can download from ITunes.

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