Monday, 2 April 2012

A Quick Update!

Hi guys i wanted to give you a quick update, as my posts are far and few between.

First of all i want to thank you all for your kind messages about my nan, i can safely say shes had her operation and the lump removed, it ended up only being small one. She a bit black and blue but is on the mend! Yay.

Raiden had  sponsor day at school ' dress up as a royal day' which we raised £12 which i thought was quite good for four days notice lol 

Little Lexie has another two teeth appear, so shes being very teary eyed and unsettled. She now has four teeth. My little baby is also one year old in 11 days! eeekkk 

Ive not really talked about it in my blog posts, as i not sure where to start, but I've had a few meetings with Raiden's school to discuss hes behaviour. He's being reassessed again in May to decide if it is just an emotional barrier we are up against or if he does have Autism. I'm not sure how i feel, as i still do blame myself for us moving him, but we will see. I'm pretty unsettled myself and emotional, all i seem to be doing is bursting out in tears at these meetings. As hes mom i will always see him as my lovable baby boy! 

On a better note i have lots of things lined up, so I'm back, alive and kicking! 

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  1. Don't blame yourself hun, from your post's and facebook you seem like a fantastic mum, hope u managed to get everything sorted and hope things get better for you xxxx