Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pennies For the Piggy Bank

As you all know I'm quite a bargain hunter, i buy things when i see them on offer! You wont be pleased to hear I've already brought things for Christmas 2012 ( yes you read it right lol) which has already saved me £150! 

I'm a stay at home mom and my OH works full time, so i generally am always looking to cut down our bills.

My last post was soap nuts see HERE but I've found another way to cut something down by half! Cleaning materials. I looked at them one day and thought how they have jumped in price. A normal bathroom spray can cost anything up to £1.90p. I started looking at supermarkets own brands and was shocked at how cheap they was, 39p for bleach, a spray 49p and baby sterilising solution 69p ( i was paying £1.90 for a well known brand). Even if you went to Poundland and brought them for a £1 each these prices you are almost cutting in half.

 After using a few I've got to say they smell and clean a lot better than the big know brands, I'm quite shocked as they are pretty cheap. 

So now I'm taking the plunge and just using own brands, there is one thing that I've not liked is washing up liquid so i think i will stick with my good old bottle of fairy! 

I generally will try anything once, if i don't like it them i wont buy again, but if it saves me cash anything is worth a shot and another load of penny's for our summer holidays too :)

BritMums piggy bank tales competition, sponsored by Virgin Money  :)

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  1. I have also got things stashed away for presents already. With all 3 of our birthday's in Nov and then Christmas I have to otherwise we can't afford it at all!
    Also have found out that bicarbonate of soda is great for cleaning recently, & works much better than the expensive brands from the shops!