Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Quinnycaster Missions have come to an end.

I want to start off with thanking Quinny for selecting me for the role, as i only had just started up my blog and was new to the blogging world. It been a bumpy ride though out the tasks, first off the Senzz mission being scrapped and the super long wait to get the new products. The missions coming in at odd times Christmas and mothers day I've got to say even though its been enjoyable its been pretty stressful too. I'm a little bid sad its gone so quick and that's it finished with. 

I was very lucky to be testing the Quinny Moodd and its something i probably could never afford to buy out of my own pocket. I loved the whole quirky design, the fully covering hood and the T-bar. The colours are pretty great too there is something for everyone. I love how its pretty easy to fold up and down, although it is still pretty bulky when folded. Its a great pushchair to push and coped awesome in the snow. Overall its a great pushchair if you have the space to store it. I wish Lexie could of used the baby nest that went with it too, as the pictures I've saw with it on, look adorable. 

 Thanks Once again for the fantastic opportunity.

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