Friday, 13 April 2012

My Birthday Princess

I remember feeling sick and knowing straight away before i took the tests, i was gonna be a mommy again. After taking four pregnancy tests and every one of them turning positive i phoned your daddy and just said the these word, Hi your gonna be daddy again. I knew he was smiling! 

From that day i battled though sickness, infections and so much pain and i think i went though every emotion with you too, but to feel your kick was the most magical thing ever it made it all worthwhile and real.

We found out at 20 weeks that you was going to be a little princess and i was secretly thrilled, it actually made the family complete, you finally came TWO days late and quite a short and pleasant birth compared to your big brother. 

You was born with the most gorgeous beautiful red hair, which i still am shocked at this day. You gave us the fright of our lives when you was taken down to the special care baby unit as you wasn't supplying enough oxygen, you was the biggest baby in there at 8lbs 6oz. After spending another five days in hospital we was able to bring you home.

I cant believe I'm sat here writing that your one year old already. Mommy's so glad that she has had all this time to spend at home with you as its going far to fast! 

Anyway Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful baby girl.

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  1. Hope she had a fab day, Our first born was born with red hair, I was very shocked about where it came from but we found out later that jimmys nan had red hair