Thursday, 19 April 2012

Moon Dough Snack Shop Playset Review

Ive got to admit i was really wary of moon dough I've saw it advertised on TV and Raiden has said i want that mum and I've thought, oh gosh no! The mess! So i was utterly thrilled to get a chance to review it to see if it is as bad as i was thinking.

We was sent the moon dough snack shop playset to try.

Grab a box for your popcorn as you watch the Magically molded moon dough kernels jump and bounce in air! Scoop them out and serve them for a pop-tastic treat. Don't forget to mold a pretzel and then wash it all down with a soft serve ice cream! Whether you like chocolate or vanilla the soft service ice cream machine gives you the softest ice cream every time! Mold tons of your favourite treats with the Moon Dough Snack Shop.

The playset was easy to put together there was any fiddly bits to set up. Raiden got the moon dough out and softened it by swishing it with hes hands. Its feels like foamy marshmellow not what i expected at all. 

we started off with making popcorn, and watching it jump about like in a proper popcorn machine. Raiden went on to making ice-cream and adding the colours together to make it a super yummy treat!

 Ive got to admit that he loves playdough but it can get very messy, i cant stand it when its getting stuck in the carpet. The moon dough doesn't it comes straight up with the hoover!! ( thumbs up) 

Raiden has spent hours playing with it and he absolutely loves it, so much I've added it to the Christmas list. Plus there are some super cool playsets on there too. Pop over and check them on the moon dough website 

( its chewing gum in he's mouth not moon dough lol) 

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  1. This Moon Dough just need a little imagination. The softness of this dough will make you help create an ice cream figure or anything you want.