Thursday, 12 April 2012

Frankie & Bennys New Menu Review

I will hold my hands up and say I'm a massive fussy eater, i don't eat a lot of red meat or fish & I'm weary of different combination's. Ive been to Frankie and Benny's a few times and I've struggled with whats on the menu and I've stuck to the same thing. I was delighted to get the chance to test out the new menu.

We got in to the restaurant and was settled with in a couple of minutes, the lady was very helpful in moving the table so we could get the pushchair it and we was given the lunch and normal menu. Plus an activity pack for Raiden which was pretty good. The one thing is i feel slightly rushed to order here, as before you have sat down  she was asking for your drinks order.

After looking at the menu i was a little stuck for choice, there was quite a few things on there that i would eat. The waitress was very friendly and took our order and we decided to get Raiden's main with out starter. He decided on Hamburger & fries, but there was a massive selection for children. He had a tough time choosing.

I decided to go with the amazing skins BBQ chicken, sweetcorn & cheddar. Which would of been fantastic if the bottoms wasn't badly burnt. The OH choose Garlic & Cheese Mushrooms which came out and was lovely.  Raiden's came out and was a massive burger, fries and cucumber which he enjoyed but didn't eat. It was a massive portion even for he's tummy!

For my main i went for the ham and cheese omelet, which came with fries and salad and was absolutely gorgeous. I got a portition as a side of the spicy onion rings and woah they was pretty spicy but lovely when you had a few The other half went for the Double Philly Stack, when it came the burger was huge it was like two 12oz steaks put on top of each other again it came with fries, onion rings and said ( he wont like me putting this ) but it beat him. which is pretty rare for the OH not to finish everything. I love the idea of refills as Raiden can drink a lot of pop and it can get quite pricey.

We decided to swish in a pudding two, as we never normally have one. Raiden had bananas and custard which has yummy honeycomb pieces in two, which he ate all of it and licked the bowl clean too.

Me and the OH had the Mama crumble ( apple and cinnamon) I had ice cream and the OH had custard, the crumble was a bit dry so it needed the extra ice cream or custard tbh, but overall the filling was lovely very fresh and fruity.

Overall the new menu was fantastic, i enjoyed the food and so did my brood. The kids even got a balloon each which kept them entertained for a while and the staff was lovely too.

To see the new menu for yourself pop over to the website. Where there is a |£10 off voucher for you to try yourself. 

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