Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fluffy Guest Post From Busymumof3

  •  As its real nappy week, i thought i would grab a guest blog post off the fluffiest mummy i know. busymumof3 has been the reason why i have considered and started to use cloth nappies. The more i dive in to the fluffy world the more i realise sometimes it not about saving money. The pretty designs and the desire to be Eco friendly is actually a lot more than we think. 

    So here she is.......

    I first started using cloth nappies when my son (who's now 3) was 3 months old, The only reason I started using them was to save money as I had given up work when I had my first baby and new that we would struggle with money with our son.

    At the time I was very limited to money and didn't know much about cloth nappies so I opted for a terry started kit, I was very excited when it arrived and couldn't wait to get one on my son, The problem was I didn't know how to fold them but luckily Google had lots of images on how to do this.

    My husband wasn't really convinced by the terries and when he would change our son he often used a disposable nappy instead, I'm surprised I even carried on with cloth nappies as you needed to soak terries once they had been used and getting them into the washing machine was a bit of a nightmare, But I was determined to carry on with cloth, I admit we did stop using cloth for a month but that was due to us moving house and not having a washing machine in our new place.

    Not long after moving house I was introduced into the world of pocket nappies and started off my collection with 5 pocket nappies, My husband loved these and got me to buy even more, As they are so simple to use, For those of you that don't know you just stuff the inserts into the pocket and adjust the size and then simply put them on your baby.

    Washing pocket nappies was even easier as you don't need to soak them when dirty you simply put them in a bucket with a lid on and come wash day you just pop them in the washing machine. 
    Since I started off my collection of pocket nappies it has grown a lot mainly due to me having a 3rd baby and me wanting pretty pink ones for her, My original plan of saving money has gone out the window all because I see new prints I want and have to get them, But I have a plan for the future we are going to hand them down to our kids when they decide to have children of there own.

    Pop over and say hi to Busymumof3

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