Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blurb Photo Book Review

Well i love photo books, I've brought a few in the past for family members of the kids.  Its a great idea to be able to store them in a book form, as most photos get uploaded to a PC and forget to be printed and the whole sorting them out can be really time consuming too. So i was happy to be picked to make and test one for there photo books.

I set up an account, and upload some favourites photos. this was pretty straight forward and easy to do. The photos took a while to upload so i left them running and came back to it when it was finished. To start you have to download the BookSmart software which means you can work on your book whilst you're offline and not just online which is great and it means all your settings will be saved. So its something you could keep going back to though out a week or two, until your really happy with it. 

There is a option to add writing on the front and down the spine to give it a personal touch, which i think is fantastic. plus you can add writing/dates on to the pictures inside to give it a special touch if you wanted to do a book on the baby's first year or something.

There is alot of different options, hard back, soft back, different types of paper, designs and add ons. The book took me just over 2 hours to complete ( that's not with photo uploading time) So its not that time consuming at all really. I wanted to keep it pretty simple and the photos to speak for them self.

When the book came i was pretty surprised its a lovely good quality piece, i was a bit disappointed with the front cover as the kids heads are chopped off. I'm not sure if this was my fault as it didn't look like that when i uploaded it. I suppose its a learning curve and its something i will look in to buying again for a special birthday.

Prices start from under £2, then you can add to it to make it how you want it.

Pop over  to the website and see for yourself

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