Thursday, 26 April 2012

H2NO Bodywash Review

H2NO Body Wash is the 1st product under the Student Trade brand, which was set up to provide College Students with live projects to enhance their learning experience and gain them employment once their education has finished.

H2NO was developed by the students and is designed to keep you clean, fresh and deodorised when water is not available. Simply spray on, rub in and towel off with a clean dry towel.

I was lucky enough to be sent one to try and test out. It comes in a 150ml bottle and is just the right size to be popped in a bag, the fragrance is pretty strong and refreshing. 

it would be perfect to have handy when there are no showers around like a family trip camping, long flights / travelling. Or maybe even the inter rock you at a festival, especially if we have our normal British weather and you get mud spattered up your face. 

Its even pretty cool just to use everyday to freshen up.

H2NO is suitable for Vegetarian's & Vegans as no ingredient has been tested on Animals or contain any Animal Derivatives

It is quite simply a Shower in a Bottle 

Its available to buy from Amazon 

Blurb Photo Book Review

Well i love photo books, I've brought a few in the past for family members of the kids.  Its a great idea to be able to store them in a book form, as most photos get uploaded to a PC and forget to be printed and the whole sorting them out can be really time consuming too. So i was happy to be picked to make and test one for there photo books.

I set up an account, and upload some favourites photos. this was pretty straight forward and easy to do. The photos took a while to upload so i left them running and came back to it when it was finished. To start you have to download the BookSmart software which means you can work on your book whilst you're offline and not just online which is great and it means all your settings will be saved. So its something you could keep going back to though out a week or two, until your really happy with it. 

There is a option to add writing on the front and down the spine to give it a personal touch, which i think is fantastic. plus you can add writing/dates on to the pictures inside to give it a special touch if you wanted to do a book on the baby's first year or something.

There is alot of different options, hard back, soft back, different types of paper, designs and add ons. The book took me just over 2 hours to complete ( that's not with photo uploading time) So its not that time consuming at all really. I wanted to keep it pretty simple and the photos to speak for them self.

When the book came i was pretty surprised its a lovely good quality piece, i was a bit disappointed with the front cover as the kids heads are chopped off. I'm not sure if this was my fault as it didn't look like that when i uploaded it. I suppose its a learning curve and its something i will look in to buying again for a special birthday.

Prices start from under £2, then you can add to it to make it how you want it.

Pop over  to the website and see for yourself

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

MAM Sports Cup Review

As some of you know I'm having an all time battle with Lexie to drink from a cup, she tends to sip from a cup for a day or two then it goes back to her shaking her head and tipping the juice out.

MAM kindly sent me one of there sports cup to test out, for 12mths+. I loved the curved sides, so its easier for little hands to hold and theres no spout to pull as baby's sucking opens the sports cap. Plus its spill free, so my little minx can't pour the contents over the TV stand hooray.

It holds a fair amount and even though it bright pink you can see the liquid though the cup. Its pretty sturdy and strong as its been dropped loads of times and flung out the pushchair too and its still in one piece. 

Lexie has been drinking out of the cup now for four days in a row, she is not drinking a huge amount but she's never been on a roll like this before. 

 Again like all of The MAM products its BPA free, so no nastys, and the bottle comes in great funky monster designs too.

The cup is dishwater safe and is pretty easy to wash, clean and fix back together! Again a massive thumbs up for MAM! 

The MAM sports cup is available to buy online at The MAM shop MAM Online Shop for £5.99, available in either pink or blue design. You can also become a fan of MAM on MAM Facebook

My Quinnycaster Missions have come to an end.

I want to start off with thanking Quinny for selecting me for the role, as i only had just started up my blog and was new to the blogging world. It been a bumpy ride though out the tasks, first off the Senzz mission being scrapped and the super long wait to get the new products. The missions coming in at odd times Christmas and mothers day I've got to say even though its been enjoyable its been pretty stressful too. I'm a little bid sad its gone so quick and that's it finished with. 

I was very lucky to be testing the Quinny Moodd and its something i probably could never afford to buy out of my own pocket. I loved the whole quirky design, the fully covering hood and the T-bar. The colours are pretty great too there is something for everyone. I love how its pretty easy to fold up and down, although it is still pretty bulky when folded. Its a great pushchair to push and coped awesome in the snow. Overall its a great pushchair if you have the space to store it. I wish Lexie could of used the baby nest that went with it too, as the pictures I've saw with it on, look adorable. 

 Thanks Once again for the fantastic opportunity.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fluffy Guest Post From Busymumof3

  •  As its real nappy week, i thought i would grab a guest blog post off the fluffiest mummy i know. busymumof3 has been the reason why i have considered and started to use cloth nappies. The more i dive in to the fluffy world the more i realise sometimes it not about saving money. The pretty designs and the desire to be Eco friendly is actually a lot more than we think. 

    So here she is.......

    I first started using cloth nappies when my son (who's now 3) was 3 months old, The only reason I started using them was to save money as I had given up work when I had my first baby and new that we would struggle with money with our son.

    At the time I was very limited to money and didn't know much about cloth nappies so I opted for a terry started kit, I was very excited when it arrived and couldn't wait to get one on my son, The problem was I didn't know how to fold them but luckily Google had lots of images on how to do this.

    My husband wasn't really convinced by the terries and when he would change our son he often used a disposable nappy instead, I'm surprised I even carried on with cloth nappies as you needed to soak terries once they had been used and getting them into the washing machine was a bit of a nightmare, But I was determined to carry on with cloth, I admit we did stop using cloth for a month but that was due to us moving house and not having a washing machine in our new place.

    Not long after moving house I was introduced into the world of pocket nappies and started off my collection with 5 pocket nappies, My husband loved these and got me to buy even more, As they are so simple to use, For those of you that don't know you just stuff the inserts into the pocket and adjust the size and then simply put them on your baby.

    Washing pocket nappies was even easier as you don't need to soak them when dirty you simply put them in a bucket with a lid on and come wash day you just pop them in the washing machine. 
    Since I started off my collection of pocket nappies it has grown a lot mainly due to me having a 3rd baby and me wanting pretty pink ones for her, My original plan of saving money has gone out the window all because I see new prints I want and have to get them, But I have a plan for the future we are going to hand them down to our kids when they decide to have children of there own.

    Pop over and say hi to Busymumof3

Stuff Every dad show know book competition

Well you lucky lot, I have  a treat for you today. Are you stuck for something for fathers day! Look no further. Here is the perfect book Stuff Every Dad Should Know  for a fabulous daddy or daddy to be. On Practical Guidance, Advice, Tips & Techniques. Everything you need to know in a perfect sized book, to pop in your backpack. 

''With a blending of humour, practicality, tried-and-tested techniques, tips, advice, Stuff Every Dad Should Know takes the reader through what a father needs to know to cope with their children, however old they are. From the down and dirty changing nappies, to burping a baby, the very tricky minefield of managing Grandparents, stopping a temper tantrum, dealing with sibling relationships, installing that sense of ‘Dad Awe’ in your kids, teaching them to ride bikes, getting rid of monsters in the room, wardrobe, under the bed, making car trips happy journeys, five books to read with your children, how not to hurt your back when playing with them, talking to them about alcohol and drugs, songs to sing with them, the Birds and Bees for all ages, how to drive a car, this is a one-stop book for any dad - a perfect reference book, and sure to be eagerly welcomed by all fathers, wives, children, grandparents. How can a book that tells you how to build the perfect sandcastle not work for both parents and kids''

 I know as a child, I forever has scabs on my knees, climbing up trees and swinging off lampposts! I was a massive tomboy! Its quite sad that parents what to wrap there children up in cotton wool to keep them safe, with limited physical education we are turning in to gadget geeks. Its ok for children to take a tumble or play rough its all part of growing up.

Although im quite proud my five year old son can use an Ipad, I'm always proud he strives on being active! This next book explains The art Of Roughousting and how are are important in our children's lives.

''Everywhere you look, physical play—what some might call “roughhousing”— is being marginalised. Gym classes are getting shorter. Recess periods are being eliminated. Some new schools don’t even have playgrounds. Is it any wonder children retreat to “virtual horseplay” via video games? But Dr's. Anthony T. DeBenedet and Lawrence J. Cohen are here to shake things up—literally! With The Art of Roughhousing, they show how rough-and-tumble play can nurture close connections, solve behaviour problems, boost confidence, and more. Drawing inspiration from gymnastics, martial arts, ballet, traditional sports, and even animal behaviour, the authors present dozens of illustrated activities for children and parents to enjoy together—everything from the “Sumo Dead Lift” to the “Rogue Dumbo.” These delightful games are fun, free, and contain many surprising health benefits for parents. So put down those electronic games and get ready to rumble''

Books can be found to buy at Waterstones or Amazon :)

Ive been given two copies of each book, to give to my lovely readers, so all you need to do is fill out the form below

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Real Nappy Week

As some of you may know its Real nappy week this week. I'm not a 100% cloth user yet, I'm still 50/50 as i wish i had known what i do now about cloth, as i would of used them from the start. There are lots of discounts and competitions for fluff around this week to celebrate a fluffy bum! 

Please pop over to Go Real which is an amazing website for all things fluffy! 

Any of my mommies who read cloth users, please share any photos of your fluffy bums on my Facebook wall! 

Keep sharing the fluffy love! 

Moon Dough Snack Shop Playset Review

Ive got to admit i was really wary of moon dough I've saw it advertised on TV and Raiden has said i want that mum and I've thought, oh gosh no! The mess! So i was utterly thrilled to get a chance to review it to see if it is as bad as i was thinking.

We was sent the moon dough snack shop playset to try.

Grab a box for your popcorn as you watch the Magically molded moon dough kernels jump and bounce in air! Scoop them out and serve them for a pop-tastic treat. Don't forget to mold a pretzel and then wash it all down with a soft serve ice cream! Whether you like chocolate or vanilla the soft service ice cream machine gives you the softest ice cream every time! Mold tons of your favourite treats with the Moon Dough Snack Shop.

The playset was easy to put together there was any fiddly bits to set up. Raiden got the moon dough out and softened it by swishing it with hes hands. Its feels like foamy marshmellow not what i expected at all. 

we started off with making popcorn, and watching it jump about like in a proper popcorn machine. Raiden went on to making ice-cream and adding the colours together to make it a super yummy treat!

 Ive got to admit that he loves playdough but it can get very messy, i cant stand it when its getting stuck in the carpet. The moon dough doesn't it comes straight up with the hoover!! ( thumbs up) 

Raiden has spent hours playing with it and he absolutely loves it, so much I've added it to the Christmas list. Plus there are some super cool playsets on there too. Pop over and check them on the moon dough website 

( its chewing gum in he's mouth not moon dough lol) 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Meet the characters of City of Friends!

Well do you remember when i posted about the fab new show city of friends a few weeks ago! I've managed to get an exclusive interview from max the police officer, Elphie the fire officer and Ted the paramedic... How cool am i!???

Hello Max, Elphie and Ted, thanks for taking time to talk with us, how are you all today?

We´re all quite tired at the moment as Jump’s had some days off from school and has kept us very busy!

Max, you’re the police officer, Elphie you’re the fire officer and Ted you’re the paramedic – what made you want to work in the emergency services?

Max: Keeping the city nice and safe – and the joy of scooting around on my own emergency vehicle of course! With sirens and flashing lights I am unstoppable! I love my Scooter!

Elphie: with a trunk as big as this, I had to find something useful for it! My trunk is great and perfectly made for my job as a fire fighter or helping Jumpi down from high trees and buildings!

Ted: my daddy is a police officer, so I wanted to do something different – but still be able to help people and drive around with sirens and flashing lights! So becoming a paramedic and driving around in my ambulance is perfect for me!

And what’s the best part of your job?

All three in unison: Helping people!

Max: With sirens, of course!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the emergency services?

Ted: Be nice to others – and you will have to love to help others as well! I think that goes for all emergency services.

Elphie: Yes – and you will have to face fear, and still be able to think clear! So be brave!

Max: And if you want to catch thieves, you will have to run fast! Just as I do! Whoo-hooo!

What’s the best thing about living in City of Friends?

Max: Well, it has the best friends around – all in one city! And there is always something going on here, so we have enough to take care of!

Ted & Elphie: Thanks to Jumpi!

Max you’re everyone’s friend and the city’s mischief-maker. The children in the city think you’re the coolest and the funniest in the whole city. How does that feel

Max: Oh, well it comes quite natural to me I must say! And I love it!

How did you become a police officer?

Max:Well, I believe Bobby (City of Friends Chief of Police) saw my talent and hired me at once!


Max: No, not really! I have dreamt about this since I was 4 years old, and been asking so many times for Bobby and his team to take me on as a recruit! I think I was here with my application every day for two years! And now they have taken me on – and I will prove they made the right decision!

We love your police scooter, what’s that like to ride?

It´s just lovely! And fast! And cool! So all in all – it´s just like me! We are the perfect match for each other!

 Elphie you’re a bubbly and adventure-loving elephant. Your impressive trunk and its water- shooting abilities make you a natural fire-fighter. What’s the best part of working in the fire service?

Elphie: Even though I just love it when we go out in the countryside to pick apples from my cherry picker on the fire engine, the best part is when you feel you’ve made a difference to someone – and have given them a helping hand! Or should I say trunk?! And one more thing, if you have the time, when Frankie drives fast through the streets of City of Friends and the wind blows in my big, big elephant ears – it´s just lovely!

And how does it feel to be the world’s first fire fighting elephant?!

Elphie: Just fantastic! If you have any elephant readers, I must encourage them to try to follow in my (big) footsteps! But they must remember, it could be dangerous fighting fires but it´s the best!

Ted you’re the caring young teddy bear and have just started your life in the ambulance service. Why did you want to work as a paramedic?

Ted: I wanted to help others! This is the perfect job for that, even though most of the time I’m helping Jumpi! But sometimes we help others as well!

Ted, you’re very popular and offer great comfort to people in need, providing reassurance with your cuddly warmth. What makes you so caring?

I am a teddy bear – I am just made for that, don´t you think? As a proud member of The TBA (Teddy Bear Association) I must encourage other teddy bears to try this – we are made to comfort people, especially youngsters.

City of Friends airs weekdays on Channel 5’s Milkshake at 6.20am, Saturdays at 6.15am and Sundays

at 6.25am and you can visit   to find out more...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Baby Bundle Competition

Hi guys I've got a fab bundle for anyone that's pregnant, its pretty unisex so it will be OK for a boy/girl or if your having a surprise.

Two baby towels.
Clothes starter pack.
key teether
baby lotion
Baby shampoo
little swimmers nappies
MAM bottle ( not shown forgot to pop it in) 
Tommie tippee bottles
Wrist rattle
Frog wash mitt
Infacol x2
Winnie the pooh flannel
Avent samples
Room thermometer

The competition with close on the 9th may.

Please leave an email address to contact you, if no contact is made in a week it will be re-drawn.

Please Fill In The Form Below 

Birthday Girl

As you know it was Lexie's 1st Birthday last Friday. She had a fantastic day and got spoilt rotten!! Wanted to share some pictures with you all.

My beautiful little princess :)

Rangemaster UK

Well i couldn't keep this a secret from my loyal fans. Did you know Rangemaster UK are giving away a Professional Deluxe 90 range cooker worth £2K!! Yes you heard me right £2k!!.. Just think of all the yummy treats you could bake i there or you could have a fantastic Queen Jubilee party With lots of yummy cake.

So here goes this is what you need to do, don't forget if you win! You it to cook me a nice yummy Sunday roast! Ok hehe 

The Competition…

In order to be in with a shot of winning this fantastic cooker follow these instructions: and click on the ‘Win A Rangemaster’ application.

‘Like’ the page, then enter your contact details, then share the competition with your friends… and you’re done!

Competition closes on Monday 30th April 2012. 

Good Luck 

Rangemaster are the market leaders in range cooking. From the distinctive design of the Elan, to the contemporary styling of the Elite, the Rangemaster is famous for its style and functionality. They are able to draw on a long history, stretching back over 200 years. And in the last three years alone they have invested well over £3 million in there Royal Leamington Spa factory creating a new state of the art design and production centre.

Friday, 13 April 2012

My Birthday Princess

I remember feeling sick and knowing straight away before i took the tests, i was gonna be a mommy again. After taking four pregnancy tests and every one of them turning positive i phoned your daddy and just said the these word, Hi your gonna be daddy again. I knew he was smiling! 

From that day i battled though sickness, infections and so much pain and i think i went though every emotion with you too, but to feel your kick was the most magical thing ever it made it all worthwhile and real.

We found out at 20 weeks that you was going to be a little princess and i was secretly thrilled, it actually made the family complete, you finally came TWO days late and quite a short and pleasant birth compared to your big brother. 

You was born with the most gorgeous beautiful red hair, which i still am shocked at this day. You gave us the fright of our lives when you was taken down to the special care baby unit as you wasn't supplying enough oxygen, you was the biggest baby in there at 8lbs 6oz. After spending another five days in hospital we was able to bring you home.

I cant believe I'm sat here writing that your one year old already. Mommy's so glad that she has had all this time to spend at home with you as its going far to fast! 

Anyway Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful baby girl.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Frankie & Bennys New Menu Review

I will hold my hands up and say I'm a massive fussy eater, i don't eat a lot of red meat or fish & I'm weary of different combination's. Ive been to Frankie and Benny's a few times and I've struggled with whats on the menu and I've stuck to the same thing. I was delighted to get the chance to test out the new menu.

We got in to the restaurant and was settled with in a couple of minutes, the lady was very helpful in moving the table so we could get the pushchair it and we was given the lunch and normal menu. Plus an activity pack for Raiden which was pretty good. The one thing is i feel slightly rushed to order here, as before you have sat down  she was asking for your drinks order.

After looking at the menu i was a little stuck for choice, there was quite a few things on there that i would eat. The waitress was very friendly and took our order and we decided to get Raiden's main with out starter. He decided on Hamburger & fries, but there was a massive selection for children. He had a tough time choosing.

I decided to go with the amazing skins BBQ chicken, sweetcorn & cheddar. Which would of been fantastic if the bottoms wasn't badly burnt. The OH choose Garlic & Cheese Mushrooms which came out and was lovely.  Raiden's came out and was a massive burger, fries and cucumber which he enjoyed but didn't eat. It was a massive portion even for he's tummy!

For my main i went for the ham and cheese omelet, which came with fries and salad and was absolutely gorgeous. I got a portition as a side of the spicy onion rings and woah they was pretty spicy but lovely when you had a few The other half went for the Double Philly Stack, when it came the burger was huge it was like two 12oz steaks put on top of each other again it came with fries, onion rings and said ( he wont like me putting this ) but it beat him. which is pretty rare for the OH not to finish everything. I love the idea of refills as Raiden can drink a lot of pop and it can get quite pricey.

We decided to swish in a pudding two, as we never normally have one. Raiden had bananas and custard which has yummy honeycomb pieces in two, which he ate all of it and licked the bowl clean too.

Me and the OH had the Mama crumble ( apple and cinnamon) I had ice cream and the OH had custard, the crumble was a bit dry so it needed the extra ice cream or custard tbh, but overall the filling was lovely very fresh and fruity.

Overall the new menu was fantastic, i enjoyed the food and so did my brood. The kids even got a balloon each which kept them entertained for a while and the staff was lovely too.

To see the new menu for yourself pop over to the website. Where there is a |£10 off voucher for you to try yourself. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pennies For the Piggy Bank

As you all know I'm quite a bargain hunter, i buy things when i see them on offer! You wont be pleased to hear I've already brought things for Christmas 2012 ( yes you read it right lol) which has already saved me £150! 

I'm a stay at home mom and my OH works full time, so i generally am always looking to cut down our bills.

My last post was soap nuts see HERE but I've found another way to cut something down by half! Cleaning materials. I looked at them one day and thought how they have jumped in price. A normal bathroom spray can cost anything up to £1.90p. I started looking at supermarkets own brands and was shocked at how cheap they was, 39p for bleach, a spray 49p and baby sterilising solution 69p ( i was paying £1.90 for a well known brand). Even if you went to Poundland and brought them for a £1 each these prices you are almost cutting in half.

 After using a few I've got to say they smell and clean a lot better than the big know brands, I'm quite shocked as they are pretty cheap. 

So now I'm taking the plunge and just using own brands, there is one thing that I've not liked is washing up liquid so i think i will stick with my good old bottle of fairy! 

I generally will try anything once, if i don't like it them i wont buy again, but if it saves me cash anything is worth a shot and another load of penny's for our summer holidays too :)

BritMums piggy bank tales competition, sponsored by Virgin Money  :)