Saturday, 17 March 2012

Where would i go for a unlimited shopping day?

So i got asked the Question, if i was given unlimited shopping in any shop which shop would it be??

This had me thinking, the mom in me would say somewhere like Asda or Tesco, i always put my family before me, i am always last in line ... But nope this is what I would choose isn't it. All about ME ME ME 

So would it be Louis Vuitton, nah there is only so many handbags and shoes you could get isn't there. Plus they would be be out of season in a month or two..

 Thomas Sabo could be a possibly, but then how would the kids and my other half spoilt me then... 

Hotel Chocolat but you seriously would get fed up of chocolate by the end wouldn't you??

So that leaves me to my last weakness Nails Inc anyone who knows me would say I'm a tad crazy on Nail Inc. Imagine having a day to spend, i would honestly grab every colour polish!! A girl can never have to much can they, well i can dream can't i :) 

This is my collection so far! 

hmmmmm Lexie is deep in thought here, i wonder what shop Lexie would choose??

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