Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tiny Little Feet But Big Steps

So little Lexie has pretty much been solid walking for three weeks. Considering she didn't sit up on her own till way past six months i think shes doing fantastic. I'm not sure having a big brother to follow helps.

Its kind of weird as me and my friends was all due around the same time and all popped before me and there all taking there first steps. She actually more running than walking now to be honest! 

I really cant believe have fast she is developing its amazing. I think being at home with her I'm seeing so much more than i did with Raiden

She is not only walking she can climb too, everywhere. We have had to take her out of her cot as she could get out of it on the lowest setting. So shes in the big double bed with her big brother at the moment. Until we can get him on the top bunk, as he doesn't like being up there at present. 


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  1. aww its lovely watching them grow and learn new things she certainly loos happy on her feet :)