Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thou art thee housework??

I'm sure i am not the only one in saying, oh no it Monday again housework arghhh!

I normally do the housework as i go out every day with a five year old and a 11 month old baby it would be crazy if i didn't! I normally do the big clean on a Monday when the bleach comes out.

I generally do it on a Monday morning when my Raidens  at school and Lexie has her morning nap, my task is to do as many rooms as i can. My record is 3.5 hehe

I multi task as much as i can washing on while i wash up, kitchen while the bathroom floor is drying etc.

My one tip is don't buy expensive cleaning products, supermarkets own brands are just as good most likely better and the good old white vinegar to clean your windows. Brings them up sparkling.

As you all know I'm a soap nuts user and its saying me so much cash I've even converted my little sister. See my previous post HERE 

Raiden has started to ask to help, so when I'm in the kitchen and there is  only a few cups i fill up the bowl and let him wash up, sometimes i have to redo but hes trying plus he gets a few coppers for helping me too.

My little Lexie is a tinker for making a mess! 

Its normally one of those i turn around and this has happened. When Waz come s home im like it was clean an hour a ago! 

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