Thursday, 15 March 2012

Schleich Farm life - World of Nature collection

We have been very lucky to get sent over some fabulous Schleich farm animals and quad bike. Raiden is a massive fan of animals and figures so i was very excited for him to come home from school.

Anyway while he was at school i decided to take them all out to have a look, i was very surprised to see that they looked like little mini replicas of the animals they was very detailed even down to the characteristics of the horses head down to look like it was eating grass. There pretty sturdy too they would be hard to break or snap a leg off as Raiden is pretty heavy handed with he's toys sometimes. There is a massive collection you can just keep adding too to build the collection up. 

I like how you can pick and choose the different animals, people, vehicles, barn and even the fences as you can get the child involved it what they actually want on the farm. Its a great way for children to explore these magnificent creatures in their own home while using their own imagination.

Raiden was thrilled to find the toys when he got home, the quad bike had scenery on it so he enjoyed, using that as a pen for the animals and played with them for ages. He even got hes other animals and dinosaurs to play too.

Ive got to admit Ive never heard of Schleich before and its something i will be looking in to. Raiden's already told me what he would like next too. 

Please check out the massive world of nature collection on there website here.

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