Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Quinny Moodd Goes To The Zoo

Well you all know it was Raidens birthday last week and we went to the Zoo, well thought we would test the Quinny Moodd out.

We went to Dudley Zoo which is basically a Zoo on a massive hill, its just up and up there. After battling two buses, we got there and started upwards and onwards. We changed the seat to non parent facing so Lexie could see what was going on. Dad done this while Lexie was still in the seat as i normally have her parent facing me. Lexie seemed pretty happy looking what was going on.

It was a pretty bright sunny day and I'm glad me had the hood, i have wrote before how i like the hood. Its a full covering one so I'm glad as no sun was on her at all. Ive always found the hoods never cover much from the sun so this was a bonus.

The Quinny moodd was great and light as a feather while going up hill, you didn't need much to push it around. Considering Lexie was in the pushchair quite a bit of time she was very happy and felt asleep. So glad it reclines back so she could be comfortable.

We all had fun at the Zoo with the Quinny Moodd, we got asked twice if this was the new Quinny! We are always getting comments on the striking colour too.

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