Friday, 9 March 2012

Qucksmart Easy Fold Stroller

Well firstly got to admit its not the prettiest of buggies, it is quite a quirky design. Nothing like I've ever saw before.

I was amazed when it came how small it is the box was tiny, opened it and was no bits to put on it was already assembled WOW!! I wont lie it did take me 15 minutes to get it up, I'm easy confused. The other half come in and managed to do it with a few minutes. I popped little Lexie in it and posted a picture on my personal facebook page. There was a lot of negative comments about the design i think its a marmite pushchair you either Love it Or Hate it. Its comes with a raincover and a handy bag that you can carry it in. Yes its that small it fits in to a bag.

One of my massive problems is i have three lots of stairs to get up and down per day, so even the school run proves difficult, especially with a pushchair to get up and down. So with Lexie in force and went to pick her brother up. I'm not used to such a lightweight pram and nearly went over the top of it so i decided to carry it down, then back up after we did the school run. Saves having to drag it up and down. Ive seriously fell in love with it.

Ive been using the Quicksmart for over two weeks and i can honestly say I've never had so many positive comments on a pushchair. I've been stopped so many times. Its great for on the bus as it takes up hardly no room, it is fantastic in shops as you can just glide though without getting caught on anything.

I do think the title is a bit deceiving as it does take some time in getting it to fold, i really had trouble trying to do it. I had to google it in the end and since then i can do it in three easy steps. 

I think its am amazing pushchair for simple trip out, a pop to the shops or if you use the tube/bus or train alot. Or if you away on holiday and need a lightweight and compact stroller to go with. I'm looking forward to taking it away in August. With it being lightweight you would think its flimsy but its not it can hold a changing bag with ease. It also reclines too, so if Lexie falls asleep i just unclasp the top clips and it reclines back.

I don't normally get my other half in my reviews, but i can safety say i think he loves it more than me. Hes also said he happy to push it down the street its more of a mainly pushchair.

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