Thursday, 22 March 2012

OXO Tot Weaning Products

I got sent a massive box of lovely OXO Tot weaning products in a lovely pink colour. I love the quirkiness of there bold and striking products they do make a statement.

We got sent the following products to test out , sippy cup with handles, Divided feeding dish, feeding spoons, plate and snack disc.

As some of you know little Lexie is a tinker for her cups, she rarely drinks from a cup. Which I'm pretty concerned about. I liked how the cup had non slip upside down handles ( which are removable), it was easy for Lexie to hold. On the lid it has a little dimple so her nose didn't get squashed when she drank from it.

The plate is quite a large plate which holds quite a lot, and its great just to pop in the changing back if your off out for the day. It has a non slip base and a huge rim so its harder for food to fall out.

The feeding spoons are great they are a bit long at the moment for Lexie, it kept ending up in her eye. I like how they are metal with a silicone coating so they are firm, but wont hurt babies mouths.

I already have a snack disc and they are amazing, I've used them to add a few crisps/breadsticks/fruit if we was going on a long trip or in to town on the buses. Again it has a non slip base and is like a dome shape so its just the right size for little hands but hard for the food to fall out.

The OXO Tot Divided Feeding Dish frees you to give your little one two foods in one contoured, comfortable-to-hold Dish, with its non-slip base and grip. Each section holds 2.5 ounces, the perfect size for stage-one jars of baby food. Easily guide pureed food onto spoons with the Dish's outer ring, then use its handy lip to remove excess food. Just pop on the lid and conveniently store leftovers. All parts snap together for storage and separate for easy cleaning. This was great to divide Lexie food so Chicken and potato in one & vegetables in the other. So she could see and pick which side she wanted.

All these products come in four bright colours, Aqua, Green, Orange & Pink

Please go and check out the website for the great range of OXO Tot products

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