Monday, 12 March 2012

How Easy Is The Quinny Moodd To Fold And Unfold?

So one of the features on the new Quinny Mood is automatic folding. I don't think I've had a pushchair that is so easy to fold and unfold. 

Its so easy that it can be done in two steps or you do is flick the right hand side grey bar out and pull both grey sides together and push down.

Half way down

The Quinny Moodd Layed flat 

Side view of it flat 

To unfold it all you need to do is unclasp this clip and it will automatic unfold up. its a pretty handy feature to have if you relay on public transport and you need to get on the bus. As its possible to do this with the little one in your arms and still get on the bus! 


  1. Hi

    I have just purchased a Quinny Moodd for my Son and Wife and I'm having great difficulty in folding it down. My other Daughter In Law has also tried and she can't do it either, any suggestions ??

    1. Hi,

      Has it been set up correctly via the instructions. Mine was pretty easy you just uncliped the clip and push down. If its not doing it pretty easy, I would suggest on phoning Quinny as it may be faulty.