Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Find Me A Gift -Moshi Monsters Gelli Baff

Well i was thrilled to be testing out the Moshi Monster gelli baff. If you are a follower of my blog you will know that Raiden is a right messy monster, he isn't afraid to get hes hands dirty. So i thought this would be perfect for bath time.

This Moshi Monsters Gelli Baff Moshi Goo makes super Cool Gifts For Kids That’s because this box of delights contains goo inducing stuff which will magically transform a bath of warm water into a tub of green gloopy goo – ghastly for adults, but glorious for kids! Each box contains enough monster bath time fun for 2 baths and an exclusive Moshi figure. There are 8 to collect, however it’s a complete monster-mystery as to which Moshi Monster has crept into each Gelli Baff box, so it will be up to the fortunes of the Moshling Gelli Baff king as to which falls into your hands! The Goo doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and it won’t stain carpets, baths or kids. Instead it will soften and cleanse the skin.

So you can guess Raiden's reaction when he found it he wanted a bath straight away, so we began running the bath and he sprinkled it in. The bath turned a Neon Green colour. 

Raiden got in and said it feel like jelly, he was sliding around in the bath up and down. It really is lumpy green goo. The texture is really strange, but Raiden seemed to love it. Lexie didn't like it so she didn't stay in the bath long.

There is a magic powder to turn the goo, back in to water. We sprinkled it in but it was still slightly lumpy, i think we didn't use enough water with the goo as it was pretty thick. Overall i think its a fantastic product, is great as a sensory product too.

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