Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dazed And Confused

I started this post three times, hoping to find the right words to post, i get to a certain point when i cant write anymore because of the tears or i want to chuck the laptop at the wall. 

Well this week I've gone thought every emotion i can think of, i really not sure how I'm meant to feel what i should do or say! Sunday night i got a phone call from my nan to say that she had breast cancer, yep that awful frigging awful good for nothing disease. instally my heart was in my mouth, after the phone was put down i was in tears, I'm just been in my own confused and dazed bubble since. I cant explain how I'm feeling and generally am normally quite positive on things, i just cant feel positive on this! 

One of two things are gonna happen the whole breast with be removed or just the lump! My nan is 70 years old so I'm guessing they wont take the whole breast off due to having to put her under, so that means the lump with be removed which has a pretty high chance of it coming back... 

Anyway tomorrow is that day and hopefully when i get the news my mind can be a bit as ease. I'm hoping by this post and getting it all out, i may be able to sleep tonight without my head feeling like its a merry go around. 


  1. Hugs hun...thoughts and prayers to you and your nan xx

  2. How awful.
    I wish good health to your Nan, and hope that she can make a recovery against this awful disease. Stay positive and I hope you get the good news that you want.

  3. Your mind is in a whirl at the moment, you need to give yourself time to process it all. If it is better for your nan to have the breast taken off then 70 is not too old, i know a woman who was 70 when she had a double mastectomy, she is doing fine at 80+ now. My mum had breast cancer in 2010 so i do understand how you feel, it is a lot to process and a big shock. Your nan and the consultant will decide together what she thinks is best to be done. Once you know what her treatment will be you can begin to deal with it as a family xx

  4. Love to your nan and your family, wishing her a good recovery whichever route they decide on x