Friday, 16 March 2012

A Day In A Life Of The Quinny Moodd

I wanted to show you how i use the Quinny Moodd everyday.

Firstly in the morning we battle the stairs to take Raiden to school. 

I'm a regular eBay seller so i tend to post around 3/4 days a week, i put as much as i can under in the shopping basket and i have a huge tote bag i use too.

Another task is shopping, the basket isn't the biggest basket I've ever seen but it does hold about two bags and one of Lexie's bottles. I tend to do my nappies/wipes/milk online, so its just right for me. 

As you know i don't drive so i rely on public transport, i love how you can adjust the handle bar smaller so it doesn't stick out and also the Moodd is pretty small so it fits in to the buggy area pretty well.

Sometimes if i meet up with friends and we tend to have a latte and a natter in Costa or a Starbucks., then shoot off for a yummy carvery! nom nom 

 Lexie's Latte

I wanted what you have mom, waaaaa

So that's generally it, my day with the Quinny Moodd! 

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