Tuesday, 27 March 2012

HayMax Hayfever Balm Review

So it that season again where the pollen comes out to play!! 

Arghhhhh total nightmare for me I've been a hayfever suffer for about 12 years now. I get every symptom going, my ears buzz, my eyes water, i sneeze and my sinuses go crazy|! I have to get strong tablets from the doctors which normally result me going really drowsy something I'm not looking forward to at all. Its not a great season either as the windows have to be shut by around 5.30 before the pollen sets which i absolutely hate. 

I was thrilled to be asked to test out a lavender HayMax balm, I've generally tried everything. local honey, nose sprays, eye drops, liquid and tablets and it all works to some effect. Ive felt my sinuses start to go and a few runny noses. So i thought perfect.

So how does it work?

It is very simple. HayMax™ acts as a trap – or a blocker. The HayMax™ applied to the bottom of the nose traps some of the pollen before it enters the body. If there is less pollen in the body, there’s less for the body to react against. Less pollen – Less sneezing and for many people no sneezing. couldn't be more Simple!

If HayMax™ traps enough of the pollen to leave you with less pollen in your body than it take for you to react, then you won’t react. If it takes out enough pollen that you are just around the point where you react, then you may find that that although you don’t stop sneezing, you sneeze less. Or, if you are particularly sensitive, or if the pollen count is very high, there might be enough pollen getting in to your body that you continue to react.

Ive been testing for balm for a week, putting it on about four times a day and I've not sneezed or had to take one of my usual hayfever tablets yet. I'm pretty amazed how by just blocking the pollen with the balm how different my hayfever has been already.

It not a cure but its defiantly a help, massive thumbs up from me. Please check the HayMax website for more details


Tiny Little Feet But Big Steps

So little Lexie has pretty much been solid walking for three weeks. Considering she didn't sit up on her own till way past six months i think shes doing fantastic. I'm not sure having a big brother to follow helps.

Its kind of weird as me and my friends was all due around the same time and all popped before me and there all taking there first steps. She actually more running than walking now to be honest! 

I really cant believe have fast she is developing its amazing. I think being at home with her I'm seeing so much more than i did with Raiden

She is not only walking she can climb too, everywhere. We have had to take her out of her cot as she could get out of it on the lowest setting. So shes in the big double bed with her big brother at the moment. Until we can get him on the top bunk, as he doesn't like being up there at present. 


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thou art thee housework??

I'm sure i am not the only one in saying, oh no it Monday again housework arghhh!

I normally do the housework as i go out every day with a five year old and a 11 month old baby it would be crazy if i didn't! I normally do the big clean on a Monday when the bleach comes out.

I generally do it on a Monday morning when my Raidens  at school and Lexie has her morning nap, my task is to do as many rooms as i can. My record is 3.5 hehe

I multi task as much as i can washing on while i wash up, kitchen while the bathroom floor is drying etc.

My one tip is don't buy expensive cleaning products, supermarkets own brands are just as good most likely better and the good old white vinegar to clean your windows. Brings them up sparkling.

As you all know I'm a soap nuts user and its saying me so much cash I've even converted my little sister. See my previous post HERE 

Raiden has started to ask to help, so when I'm in the kitchen and there is  only a few cups i fill up the bowl and let him wash up, sometimes i have to redo but hes trying plus he gets a few coppers for helping me too.

My little Lexie is a tinker for making a mess! 

Its normally one of those i turn around and this has happened. When Waz come s home im like it was clean an hour a ago! 

OXO Tot Weaning Products

I got sent a massive box of lovely OXO Tot weaning products in a lovely pink colour. I love the quirkiness of there bold and striking products they do make a statement.

We got sent the following products to test out , sippy cup with handles, Divided feeding dish, feeding spoons, plate and snack disc.

As some of you know little Lexie is a tinker for her cups, she rarely drinks from a cup. Which I'm pretty concerned about. I liked how the cup had non slip upside down handles ( which are removable), it was easy for Lexie to hold. On the lid it has a little dimple so her nose didn't get squashed when she drank from it.

The plate is quite a large plate which holds quite a lot, and its great just to pop in the changing back if your off out for the day. It has a non slip base and a huge rim so its harder for food to fall out.

The feeding spoons are great they are a bit long at the moment for Lexie, it kept ending up in her eye. I like how they are metal with a silicone coating so they are firm, but wont hurt babies mouths.

I already have a snack disc and they are amazing, I've used them to add a few crisps/breadsticks/fruit if we was going on a long trip or in to town on the buses. Again it has a non slip base and is like a dome shape so its just the right size for little hands but hard for the food to fall out.

The OXO Tot Divided Feeding Dish frees you to give your little one two foods in one contoured, comfortable-to-hold Dish, with its non-slip base and grip. Each section holds 2.5 ounces, the perfect size for stage-one jars of baby food. Easily guide pureed food onto spoons with the Dish's outer ring, then use its handy lip to remove excess food. Just pop on the lid and conveniently store leftovers. All parts snap together for storage and separate for easy cleaning. This was great to divide Lexie food so Chicken and potato in one & vegetables in the other. So she could see and pick which side she wanted.

All these products come in four bright colours, Aqua, Green, Orange & Pink

Please go and check out the website for the great range of OXO Tot products


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Find Me A Gift -Moshi Monsters Gelli Baff

Well i was thrilled to be testing out the Moshi Monster gelli baff. If you are a follower of my blog you will know that Raiden is a right messy monster, he isn't afraid to get hes hands dirty. So i thought this would be perfect for bath time.

This Moshi Monsters Gelli Baff Moshi Goo makes super Cool Gifts For Kids That’s because this box of delights contains goo inducing stuff which will magically transform a bath of warm water into a tub of green gloopy goo – ghastly for adults, but glorious for kids! Each box contains enough monster bath time fun for 2 baths and an exclusive Moshi figure. There are 8 to collect, however it’s a complete monster-mystery as to which Moshi Monster has crept into each Gelli Baff box, so it will be up to the fortunes of the Moshling Gelli Baff king as to which falls into your hands! The Goo doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and it won’t stain carpets, baths or kids. Instead it will soften and cleanse the skin.

So you can guess Raiden's reaction when he found it he wanted a bath straight away, so we began running the bath and he sprinkled it in. The bath turned a Neon Green colour. 

Raiden got in and said it feel like jelly, he was sliding around in the bath up and down. It really is lumpy green goo. The texture is really strange, but Raiden seemed to love it. Lexie didn't like it so she didn't stay in the bath long.

There is a magic powder to turn the goo, back in to water. We sprinkled it in but it was still slightly lumpy, i think we didn't use enough water with the goo as it was pretty thick. Overall i think its a fantastic product, is great as a sensory product too.

You can buy this fab product on the Find A Gift Website HERE

Go and check Find Me A Gift Facebook's page page HERE

To keep up with the latest deals, follow them on twitter HERE

Monday, 19 March 2012

Minene UK Slipper Socks

MINENE "my child" was established in 2005 by three mothers with a vision to create innovative,well designed, practical yet stylish products for parents, babies and toddlers.

MINENE designs and manufactures high-end innovative quality textile products.

There goal is to bring both comfort and joy to parents and children alike. There range of products include: changing bags, baby cot bedding, towels, muslin's, activity mats, bibs, pushchair accessories, baby clothing & more. 

I was sent some cute baby sock slippers for little Lexie. they was long and thick with pretty little hearts on and the detailing on them make them look like they are little ballerina slippers. They are 100% Cotton and have slip proof flexible leather soles to protect there feet when walking on slippery wooden It tiled floors. they come in three sizes 6-12mths, 12-18mths & 18mths-24mths.

I loved these little socks prefect for just popping on for something simple like the school run so you don't have to fiddle about with shoes or wearing around the house instead of slippers, i tend to find Lexie pulls off one and is just walking around with just one slipper on! The slippers washed really well they looked good as new,after i took them out of the machine.I left them to drip dry and they dried pretty quick too.

Got to admit I've had never heard of  MINENE, i absolutely love the heart foot muff they have on there website, along with some other items they really do a beautiful collection. 

Please go and check them out here -

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Where would i go for a unlimited shopping day?

So i got asked the Question, if i was given unlimited shopping in any shop which shop would it be??

This had me thinking, the mom in me would say somewhere like Asda or Tesco, i always put my family before me, i am always last in line ... But nope this is what I would choose isn't it. All about ME ME ME 

So would it be Louis Vuitton, nah there is only so many handbags and shoes you could get isn't there. Plus they would be be out of season in a month or two..

 Thomas Sabo could be a possibly, but then how would the kids and my other half spoilt me then... 

Hotel Chocolat but you seriously would get fed up of chocolate by the end wouldn't you??

So that leaves me to my last weakness Nails Inc anyone who knows me would say I'm a tad crazy on Nail Inc. Imagine having a day to spend, i would honestly grab every colour polish!! A girl can never have to much can they, well i can dream can't i :) 

This is my collection so far! 

hmmmmm Lexie is deep in thought here, i wonder what shop Lexie would choose??

Lactivist Competition Win One Of Two T-Shirts

Lactivist was set up by mum Lisa Cole in 2003 after she was criticised for breastfeeding in public. Lisa designed a tiny-shirt for her son to wear that promoted breastfeeding and the negative comments stopped, and right there, Lactivist was born. 

 Now Lactivist sells a range of pro-breastfeeding slogans no soft organic t-shirts for age 0 - 4 years. The slogans are professionally screen-printed onto organic, Eco-friendly shopping bags, cute organic baby, t-shirts, knot hats and badges, key rings, postcards,mugs and stickers.

I have up for grabs two great t-shirts one 3-6mths ( I love mummy milk) and one 6-12mths ( I'm a tit man)

or your chance to win one of these please use the form below. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

A Day In A Life Of The Quinny Moodd

I wanted to show you how i use the Quinny Moodd everyday.

Firstly in the morning we battle the stairs to take Raiden to school. 

I'm a regular eBay seller so i tend to post around 3/4 days a week, i put as much as i can under in the shopping basket and i have a huge tote bag i use too.

Another task is shopping, the basket isn't the biggest basket I've ever seen but it does hold about two bags and one of Lexie's bottles. I tend to do my nappies/wipes/milk online, so its just right for me. 

As you know i don't drive so i rely on public transport, i love how you can adjust the handle bar smaller so it doesn't stick out and also the Moodd is pretty small so it fits in to the buggy area pretty well.

Sometimes if i meet up with friends and we tend to have a latte and a natter in Costa or a Starbucks., then shoot off for a yummy carvery! nom nom 

 Lexie's Latte

I wanted what you have mom, waaaaa

So that's generally it, my day with the Quinny Moodd! 

Guest Post - Joanne Mallon Tips on Tantrums

I'm quite excited as this is my first ever guest post. I thought is was pretty appropriate as the post is how some tips on how to survive toddlers and there tantrums. We have all had times when they can throw themselves on the floor screaming and kicking and you think 'what on earth'.

 This book brings together tried and tested practical, down-to-earth tips from parents who've survived the toddler years and want to help you do the same. If you've ever wondered how to get your child to sleep through the night, listen when you say no and stop reacting with horror at the sight of something green on their plate, this book can help. 'Toddlers: an instruction manual' celebrates the qualities we love about toddlers, and suggests ways to navigate their less appealing aspects. We cannot stop your toddler from tormenting you, but we can help you get through with your sanity (just about) intact.

Written with warmth and understanding, 'Toddlers: an instruction manual' is a practical guide to parenting your child when the challenges may seem to outnumber the good bits and you most need a helping hand. Part of the royalties are donated to Home-Start, one of the UK's leading family support charities.

Some parents feel that when your child wants to talk to you, any other conversation you may be having with other adults must cease immediately (mid sentence if necessary), as you drop down to your child’s level to find out what they want. Those who do this, usually justifying it with a “He won’t wait”. But how will he ever learn to wait if you don’t give him reason to?

One defining characteristic of toddlers is that they live life very much ‘in the moment’ –whatever is happening right now is much more important than what went before and what’s coming next. Patience is a skill that takes a long time to build, and it’s a rare toddler who has it naturally. Sometimes it’s children who aren’t the first born in the family who tend to be most patient, simply because the natural order of things means that they’ve always had to wait their turn.

Similarly to how you deal with tantrums, how you deal with situations like this sews the seeds as to what sort of adult your child will become. So if you want them to grow up thinking that the world revolves around them, go right ahead and react immediately.

If you want your child to wait a little (perhaps whilst you finish your current conversation), one method you can use is to encourage them to hold your hand when they want to speak to you. You can gently stroke their arm or hand, which tells them that your attention is on its way. And if that doesn’t work, pick up on the cues from your child and make plans to skedaddle.

This is one of those topics that can really divide parents, but I am of the opinion that it’s never too early to learn manners and think of others. Also I think cultural differences can come in to play – in some families, loud raucous conversation with everyone speaking at once is the norm, whilst others are much quieter. So be sensitive to the situation you’re in and encourage your child to do the same.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Schleich Farm life - World of Nature collection

We have been very lucky to get sent over some fabulous Schleich farm animals and quad bike. Raiden is a massive fan of animals and figures so i was very excited for him to come home from school.

Anyway while he was at school i decided to take them all out to have a look, i was very surprised to see that they looked like little mini replicas of the animals they was very detailed even down to the characteristics of the horses head down to look like it was eating grass. There pretty sturdy too they would be hard to break or snap a leg off as Raiden is pretty heavy handed with he's toys sometimes. There is a massive collection you can just keep adding too to build the collection up. 

I like how you can pick and choose the different animals, people, vehicles, barn and even the fences as you can get the child involved it what they actually want on the farm. Its a great way for children to explore these magnificent creatures in their own home while using their own imagination.

Raiden was thrilled to find the toys when he got home, the quad bike had scenery on it so he enjoyed, using that as a pen for the animals and played with them for ages. He even got hes other animals and dinosaurs to play too.

Ive got to admit Ive never heard of Schleich before and its something i will be looking in to. Raiden's already told me what he would like next too. 

Please check out the massive world of nature collection on there website here.

Making playdough

So today we felt like making a big huge mess!! So we decided to make lots and lots of playdough! I'm trying to get Lexie more involved in activities so we thought this would be perfect! 

So basically grab an old pan and these following ingredients

Two cups of plain flour 
One cup of salt
1 tablespoon of oil 
1 cup of water
2 spoons of cream of tartar

Add it in a saucepan and put on a low heat until It goes gooey and doughy. Once it goes like that take it out ( watch its not too hot) and kneed for a few minutes in to a ball. 

You can add food colouring to jazz up the playdough and make it different colours.

Glitter or sequins

If you wanted to make your senses go wild you could use lavender, peppermint, ginger or vanilla.

It brought me back to my working nursery nurse years making it for all the kids. Raiden had so much fun making it with me too.

When it had all cooled we got it out with all the playdough cutters. Lexie was a bit cautious at first but she soon grabbed it squished it around, then you guessed it straight in to her mouth ewwwwww! 

So the blue playdough was a massive hit, Raiden wants to try out more colours! Hes told me to write a list so i don't forget hehe.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dazed And Confused

I started this post three times, hoping to find the right words to post, i get to a certain point when i cant write anymore because of the tears or i want to chuck the laptop at the wall. 

Well this week I've gone thought every emotion i can think of, i really not sure how I'm meant to feel what i should do or say! Sunday night i got a phone call from my nan to say that she had breast cancer, yep that awful frigging awful good for nothing disease. instally my heart was in my mouth, after the phone was put down i was in tears, I'm just been in my own confused and dazed bubble since. I cant explain how I'm feeling and generally am normally quite positive on things, i just cant feel positive on this! 

One of two things are gonna happen the whole breast with be removed or just the lump! My nan is 70 years old so I'm guessing they wont take the whole breast off due to having to put her under, so that means the lump with be removed which has a pretty high chance of it coming back... 

Anyway tomorrow is that day and hopefully when i get the news my mind can be a bit as ease. I'm hoping by this post and getting it all out, i may be able to sleep tonight without my head feeling like its a merry go around. 

Monday, 12 March 2012

How Easy Is The Quinny Moodd To Fold And Unfold?

So one of the features on the new Quinny Mood is automatic folding. I don't think I've had a pushchair that is so easy to fold and unfold. 

Its so easy that it can be done in two steps or you do is flick the right hand side grey bar out and pull both grey sides together and push down.

Half way down

The Quinny Moodd Layed flat 

Side view of it flat 

To unfold it all you need to do is unclasp this clip and it will automatic unfold up. its a pretty handy feature to have if you relay on public transport and you need to get on the bus. As its possible to do this with the little one in your arms and still get on the bus!