Friday, 17 February 2012

Water Babies

Me and Lexie has had amazing opportunity to test out the new swimming lessons for babies....... water babies!

After googling Water babies i was shocked to find out they get dunked on there first lesson. I think its natural instinct to keep babies from getting water on there face, never mind dunking them all the way in.

So i can say the communication with water babies is amazing i would certainly give them 11/10, after emails, phone calls and letters i was put at ease.

So the day came and off to water babies we went, the pools are heated so the baby's stay warm we was given a happy nappy ( waterproof nappy to put over a swimming nappy).

The instructor was great, running though everything before we did it and i was surprised the 30 minute lesson felt like it was only 10 minutes long. It really was a relaxed and calm session. Lexie wasn't fazed that she had her first swim under water and the amazing videos I've came across and saw online, makes it a lot less scary now. Lexie had an amazing time.

The lessons are pretty dear from £12-£15.75. That's because they invest a lot in training there instructors (at least 120 hours over ten days) Also pay to hire special warm water pools and each lesson is highly structured, with clearly visible results. They also have amazing under water shoots they do with your baby underwater. How cool would that be.

I think if i had the cash its something i would definitely go for but at the moment its something i couldn't budget for.

For more details pop over to and check out the amazing videos too :)

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