Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentines Day

Well it comes around so fast, I'm not a huge fan of valentines day. I think its a bit pointless of having a day to tell someone you love them. Shouldn't you do it all the time if there your true love. Prices are double if you go out and so do the prices of flowers and chocolates go thought the floor.

I'm a bit of a old romantic at heart, i love flowers but rarely get them. I have quite bad hayfever so my other half uses that as an excuse, my mom actually brought me my last bunch of flowers! I didn't even get a bunch after Lexie was born. ( sob sob)

Every year this day comes around and i think.... Is he gonna do it... ask the big question?? Maybe its got to be!

 After eight long years and two beautiful children, I've come to the conclusion i doubt its gonna happen. The hints I've dropped, and even though my Thomas Sabo stuff was gorgeous at Christmas. I really really just want a sparkly ring on my finger! I'm actually begining to hate the kids having a different name to me and Raiden has already asked why mine is different to he's.

I don't want a massive posh wedding. If i had my way i would go on holiday and come back married, but the parents would kill us! I actullay hate being the centre of attention, I'm a very shy person. Theres no way you will catch me spending £10,000 on a wedding! I would be cutting corners hehe

So this year it most likely a takeway, Dvd and cuddles on the sofa! So happy valentines day to all of you i do hope you all get spolit rotten and enjoy your day!


  1. you should pop the question to him

  2. oi oi madam its a leap yr why don't you pop the question?