Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day & The Quinny Moodd :D

Well today is the day the Quinny Moodd, defiantly gets a massive test. We woke up to bucket fulls of snow! So wrapped up all snug and warm off we went.

I'm not sure how i thought the Moodd would go, i think i was rather expecting it to glide like its on skis as i stepped out the door pushed it and thought oh no! We took a slow walk up the park (10 minutes away up lots of hills) lots of stops and starts and a lot of pushing. getting up them hills gave me a good workout on my arms there aching now.

Half way up to the park the other half said lock the front wheel which helped loads. You really had to push down on the bar and use the back wheels. Thinking about it it coped pretty well as what pushchair does cope in well in the snow without a struggle? I know when Raiden was younger and we had snow i had it drag the stroller doing wheelies like a crazy women!

I took my other pushchair out and it didn't make it up the road so it comparison the Moodd was fantastic, at least it got me to the place i wanted to go. So the Moodd's massive wheels have come in Handy at least i know i would never get stranded.

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