Friday, 17 February 2012

Pushchairs Pushchairs Pushchairs

Well I've never been one to go cor look at that pushchair. I've never seen them as a massive baby accessory or thought OMG i have to have that one. I don't think i will would ever fully understand someone paying up to a £1000 for one. You could go on Holiday for that!!

My max spend on a pushchair was £230! lol I use my pushchairs for the purpose of getting A to B, not the latest trend or it my daughter looks gorgeoues in it, as my kids would look beautiful in any pushchair.

With finding out being pregnant with Raiden so late he's first pram was a second hand one a gorgeous Graco from eBay costing a mere £51. It came with everything, raincover, footmuff and carseat. We did use for two years until we buggered it up with too much shopping it was the best £51 i have ever spent.

Over second pram was a Winnie The Pooh stroller which lasted a mere 5 months at £30 i didn't complain.

The next pushchair was a gorgeous Quinny Zapp, we was at the baby show and i fell in love with the beautiful blue colour of it and because It was used for the two day show we bagged it for £130. Only problem i found with this was even the changing bag tipped it over. So it didn't last even a year until we had to bin it ( sob)

The last pushchair we had for Raiden was a Maclaren quest, which we still have now. which was on sale at £80 when we brought it. This was the best out of the lot, lightweight with great room in the basket for shopping and easy to use.

So the the four pushchairs with Raiden cost a mere £291

So we decided on a Mothercare trenton with Lexie which was the most i have spend ever on a pushchair £230, and its the one ive hated the most, huge, bulky and very heavy. Its been a total nightmare since day one.

As you all know i was picked as a Quinnycaster and i love my Moodd pushchair now, its something i  therogy i would never have been able to afford, so im so lucky to have been picked.

So my total pushchair fund stands at £521, which i dont think is bad with two children.

Although i will admit im a sucker for clothes the amount ive spent on them i wouldnt even want to total it up. I think every mom is a sucker for something pushchairs/shoes/clothes/dummies or even cloth nappies! 

Which one are you??? 


  1. lol im obsessed with buggys,hand bags/changing bags,mam dummies and now loving the look of cloth nappies oooh and cloth shopping 4 my kiddies esp yougest 2 just soo many cute things when they are young.out of all my obsession my buggys the worst weve had about 18 buggys i can think off(between 5 kids though so not thoroughly bad lol i dont think lol,biggest spend being just under 500 for our britax b-dual i love it only thing i find is its too darn front heavy :(...)

  2. i'm a sucker for dummies and cloth nappies, funny you posted this just now coz i have just been sorting through my nappies and realised i have tonnes that i havent used for a while, Yet im buying more soon

  3. I didn't go too mad with a pushchair for my little one and started with a Koochi which is still going after being all over the world on an aeroplane (it got lost) but I was given a pushchair from a family friend which i'm currently using and i love it. It's the Bebe Confort Loola pram in black. It looks so much nicer than the one i actually bought and fits in the car which is always a plus! The only downside is unfolding it! Unless your a gymnast and can get your leg up to your shoulders then you will struggle. I'm now looking for a new one as my little one is growing again so I may go for a Cosatto as I like the style.. So maybe I'm a little pushchair mad but obsessions are fun!