Monday, 27 February 2012

Pancake Day Yum Yum

Well I'm slightly behind in my blog posts, i was hit last week with my back in constant pain and my laptop decided to die, so its the first time blogging on the PC.

So last week was my favourite day one the year Shove Tuesday ( pancake day).

We decided to get loads of stuff and let Raiden decorate hes own this year we are normally quite plain and have them with lemon, sugar or ice cream.

Raiden wanted to make a funny face so as we thought he piled the pancake with chocolate sprinkles, kiwi, melon, apple, grapes, cream and watermelon as earrings. He ate the toppings and left the pancake.

He also made hes baby sister her 1st pancake, we used a cutter to shape it in to a butterfly  and added, cream, grapes, chocolate sprinkles and goji berries. She also ate the toppings and left pretty much of the pancake.

I managed to stuff my face with 2 and a half pancakes, im not going to wait as long next time for my fix of pancakes i think!

Hope you all had fun with yours, saw a lot of fantasic designs on my newsfeed.

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