Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Big Boy Is Five

So on Sunday my gorgeous boy turned Five years old. We stared the birthday celebrations on Saturday by going to the Zoo, thankfully we had lovely weather. We sent off to spend the whole day there, we had a great walk around looking and seeing all the animal Lexie had a great time looking too. Raiden even got to hold a little guinea pig too.



Sunday morning came and Raiden had a mountain of presents to open. We decided to take him a play area with a ball pool with lots of slides. Lots of family came around to give him lots of presents too. Raiden got lots and lots of Lego, the place is looking a lot like legoland at the moment. Raiden had an amazing day.




I cant believe it been five years already, you don't realise hen people say enjoy it as it goes too fast. You just think oh yeah but it doesn't go super quick. I love my little man more than anything!

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