Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Illness wars.

So last week we had an illness week of hell.

Last Sunday Raiden came out in a rash, he used to be really rashy when he was a baby but since starting school hes been ok. When he woke up on Monday morning he was covered head to toe, he was itching it and said it felt like spiders was crawling on him. We popped up the doctors which he said Raiden had had an allergic reaction to something gave him some pirton and sent us on our way. We all had a DVD and duvet day and he seemed fine the next morning.

Wednesday passed then lunchtime i noticed a very angry awful rash all over Lexie's neck, when i looked it was all over her back. First glance i thought it was chicken pox. Off to the doctors we went again to be told it was a viral infection and that she also had a throat infection. Lexie had been off her food so i felt pretty guilty about not picking up on it before.

All Thursday Lexie was pretty clingy and sensitive all she wanted to do was sit on my lap having cuddles poor thing. Raiden seemed he's normal self until we was woken up with him being sick everywhere, bedroom, hall and bathroom, so there i was at 12.30 mopping it all up.

He woke up the next day and the first thing he said was Mom I'm really sorry i was sick everywhere best him. Saturday morning he seemed ok so we decided to take him out to hickory dickorys. On the way he was sick on the bus and outside. I really don't know whats made him so poorly!

I thought we was over the worse till i was woken up with Lexie being sick everywhere last night. She wouldn't go back to sleep and was crying her heart out after being sick, think it scared her...

Both of my kids just want cuddles and to lay on you when there ill, so a day of nothing again.

I'm really hoping its the last of it, poor things!!


  1. Hope they are better soon :)

    Karys x

  2. Oh I hope they start to feel better soon, poor little babies :(