Thursday, 9 February 2012

Half Term Activites - Plaster In Paris

Well with the half term looming, I’ve had to step up a gear and plan what I’m going to do with Raiden. One of the things I thought was plaster in Paris, you can buy a huge bag for a couple of quid with endless fun. You can buy it from most craft shops, Amazon and even eBay.

I remember buying Raiden a shaker maker dinosaurs kit a few years back so I’m digging that out to do figures. You can also buy silicone moulds now with lots of fantastic shapes ( Poundland are great for these) , which you can use to make simple things like badges and magnetics. Again you can buy the pins and magnetic strips from most craft shops for about a £1 and when painted they are perfect as gifts for Valentine’s Day or mother’s day. Nothing beats a handmade gift.

We all like keepsakes so I’ve decided to do handprints of both the kids hands, you can use anything for the mould. Again the silicone moulds are great if you can get a cake type one. Mix the plaster then wait until its going thicker bit like pancake mix then pop the hands for about 20 seconds. Then wait until its dry then paint. You can use the same concept for footprints too.

There is so many things to do with plaster in Paris like a pretty stone collage or even shells which look amazing, all you do is mix the plaster, put it in mould again then add the shells and stones, if you pop a bit of string or ribbon while its drying you can then use that as a way of hanging it after.

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