Thursday, 16 February 2012

Contraceptive Implant & Teenage Girls.

So last week it there was a mountain of news reports CLICK HERE  and a lot of threads on how the contraceptive implant is going to be given out in secret to teens in school without parents knowing about it.

I will hold my hand on my heart and say them three words I'm dreading '' mom I'm preganant'' Shes not even one yet and I'm already worried about latter years in life.

For me at 23 becoming a mom was the most scariest thing, i seriously felt too young. I have nothing against young moms at all its each to there own, you decide when you when you want to.

Back on to my thoughts and feeling i am determined to make sure both of my kids go to uni and get an amazing job. I don't want them to make do with a job, I've always had a job that i have loved that's how jobs should be. Today its just a way of living.

I also want them to enjoy life, see the massive and beautiful world we live in, there is so much unhappiness we see on TV and in the news the world isn't always like that. To many beautiful places to go and explore and see.

I hope in the teenage years me and Lexie have a relationship that she could confide in me and tell me anything and everything ..... but come on no child tells there parents everything!

Ive watched a few teenage documentaries when some of the things they have said have left me gobsmacked. Like you cant get pregnant standing up.... Like Whatttt?? So I'm glad schools are battling with the teenage pregnancies and i hope that if she cant confide in me or her doctor she can a school teacher. I don't want her to ever be scared that if she makes a wrong decision that could taint the rest of her life, even though being a mom is amazing she has a lot of time to do other things first.

I would her rather come back with any implant than a baby in her belly, but Ive also got to get over my fear that she is gonna make mistakes that life isn't easy and its a tough ride. It would be boring if it all ran smooth wouldn't it. So does it really matter 13, 20 or 30 its pretty likely I'm gonna hear then three words isn't it?  Of course i would be a little upset but i also would be proud how much of a grown up decision she has made too. No matter what happens she would have my 100% support behind her.

Anyone else have the same fears or are you hoping to be a nanny rather earlier than later in life?

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