Monday, 16 January 2012

So the loosing weigt begins..

I was lucky enough to be given a code for a free pair of zaggora hotpants from a comping friend. I'm very eager to loose some weight ( i want to loose 6 stone & hopefully four dress sizes) So my measurements have been taken and I'm going to do the two week challenge which is to measure myself again in two weeks after wearing the hotpants as much as i can. When i first pulled them out they are like wetsuit material and my other half laughs as they make that squishy sound when i walk hehe.

The Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Im hoping they give my the boost i need to start off losing some baby weight.

* This is not a picture of my bum either, if i had a bum like this i wouldn't need the hotpants*

Wish me luck :)


  1. I too won one of the codes and chose the Flares (just waiting for them to arrive). Fingers crossed for us both, here's to inch loss!

  2. Love the last comment - I too am doing the 2 wk challenge as well as the cabbage soup diet followed by slimming world. I wear the normal hotpants under my trousers which stops most of the swishing noise, altho would have to be loose trousers or you see them lol. I find mine suprisingly comfortable. Even thinking of wearing them thru the night, heard this is good too! leave an odd smell of onions tho lmao

  3. oh and my bmi is over 34 so in the obesity range which has also paniced me... and a good motivator reading the health risks to this, and I have 3 stone to lose til im satisfied but to be in the healthy range for bmi i have another 3.5 - 4 stone to lose, and would like to go from a 16 (quite tight lol) to a 12 (but if i could get to a 10 is my dream!)