Saturday, 14 January 2012

MAM Pink Trainer Cup 6mths+

You all know I've had a Battle with Lexie and her drinking out of a cup, i thought i had cracked it but sure enough she is refusing it out of a cup again. Ive tryed every cup going, i have cupboard full in the kitchen. She doesn't seem to like any!

The MAM trainer cup has a Soft, spill free spout and is BPA free. Its the same kind of height and shape as a bottle and has interchangeable handles that you can use with MAM bottles.

The Trainer Bottle from MAM is great for helping babies transition from breast or bottle to a cup. Age 6 months +

Lexie was a bit cautious of the cup at first i casually left it in her reach to see if she picked it up herself. It didn't take her long to reach and grab it and drank most of the juice in it ( i did only put a 1/4 in just to see how it went), We have had the cup for over two weeks now and i can safely say that Lexie is drinking out of it by herself and no longer has juice out of a bottle hooray!!

MAM have just brought some gorgeous owl designs out, so please go and check them out over at

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