Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hello Quinny Moodd, you sexy thing you...

As you all know i was chosen to be a Quinnycaster back in may to test the Senzz, the mission got axed so we was asked if we would like to test a brand spanking new product. I'm a little blog, just waffling on and on about my beautiful children and i would never of thought i would be picked for an amazing opportunity. Its been a long eight months but yes.... its here!! woooo hooo.

So the delivery man came and i nearly bit he's hand off, because all i saw was the Quinny logo.

Lexie was up and hanging on to the box, she must of known, it was her new pimped up ride! After it taking me nearly ten minutes to open the box, they packed it good, with it flipped over and me smacking it there it was all i saw was postbox red. Its bright!

Normally i leave these tasks to strong daddy, but i was rather excited so i decided i would man up and do it myself. I was pretty impressed as it only took me 20 minutes go mommy and that's with a little monkey trying to help me too.

Lexie was straight in and she she seemed to love it while i was wheeling about the living room, i love how its parent facing and i can see her smiley face.

And the box also doubled up as a playpen too...

So now the task beings and my missions start. I'm so happy to be part of a brand new project.


  1. yay it looks great and go u supermum :)

  2. wow it's bright :) Loving the playpen idea!

  3. Lexie looks thriled with her new ride :)
    We're waiting for Blue Reliance here and I'm soooo excited!