Sunday, 15 January 2012

First impressions of the Quinny Moodd

Ive had a few days to play so i decided i would write up my first impressions. So far im pretty impressed.

I love the colour, I'm actually pleased the purple wasn't in the UK yet as i was torn between the two, the red is like a postbox red so its really bright.

Its pretty lightweight and has pump up wheels ( even the other half was impressed, he was like right i will pump them up. after he did he was like ok its ready to use). After he found the little pump i the zip up pocket in the shopping basket.

The wheels make it glide and is easy to steer with one hand. I was pretty surprised with how wide it was it does seem smaller on the pictures, i keep forgetting that the front is smaller than the back, I've been caught out a few times.

I love the bar on the front, Lexie loves holding on to it like shes driving beep beep, its easy to get her in, but she takes after me with her chunky legs so it seems she gets caught on it when i try and take her out. So i just slide the bar out which has an elastic loop on so you wont loose it and unstrap her and shes out.

The moodd must be comfortable as every time Lexie's been in it shes fell asleep, i love how it reclines so easy with just a pull on the back, I've always found you struggle with the ones you have to find the bar to pull at the back. I'm loving the parent facing as I've never had one before apart from the travel system, Lexie is always having a little chat with me now as i push her along.

The main pro for me is its so easy to get up the stairs in the flat, i was really struggling with my last pushchair as it felt i was pulling a bus up. The Moodd is amazing it just so light and because of the big wheels it just bumps up. The extended handle is great too as I'm 5ft 7 and dad is over 6ft so, so with most of my pushchairs I've always felt I'm hunched over.



  1. Are front wheels rubber or kind of a foam, as on other models?

  2. Are front wheels rubber or kind of a foam, as on other models?