Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Busy busy bee - Update on the kids

So I've been none stop since after Christmas, think having a two week break from my blog had a backwards effect on me.

Firstly i had my first Quinnycaster mission to complete. A mountain of emails to get though and lots of things to review and test :)

Ive had a few appointments with the kids too, my first one was a hearing test with little Lexie. Dad is completely deaf in one ear so she had to have another at around eight months.
The test started off well with Lexie reponsing to the high pitched sounds and following the toys. She struggled with the low pitched sounds and lost interest half way though and found where all the toys was coming from... Yes a box on the floor. So she ended up failing the test as there is some congestion behind her ears.
We have to go back for a re-test just before her first birthday. The ladies did explain that because she had been unwell and teething it can cause congestion too, so I'm hoping its just down to that and there isnt nay further problems.

My second appointment was with Raiden at the speech therapist, we had been waiting on an appointment for around eight months, he has really improved within them months and was taken off hes extra help with speech over a month ago.

 Raidens problems started at just before hes 2nd birthday, we moved house, changed nursery and he's grandad passed away which he used to spend quite alot of time with. Raiden was coming on leaps and bounds before this point and hes speech was great for a nearly two year old.

Raiden stopped speaking and didn't eat a solid for over two weeks, he started to point at things he wanted and refused to comment on anything. We struggled to find the right nursery for him and he ended up being placed in three nurseries, the last one he seemed to settle in very well. As the months passed on he began to speak a little more but often got frustrated as the communication as the relationships just wasnt there. The nursery was worried as he would play on he's own and if anyone came near him he would hit out at the other children and staff. He got extra help and was always praised with one -to-one attention, just in big groups he would struggle.

He started at school nursery in 2010 and has came on a treat, hes speech is fantastic and is slowly building up hes social skills, hes a bright and clever boy ad knows what buttons to push and not. He has been taken off help for hes' speech but is still struggling with he's behaviour. Although hes not as bad as he used to be, its the more not listing that hitting out.

Right back to the speech therapist the ladies did a series of picture lotto and picture cards and games, he was a crafty one as he was tricking the lady to pick up the wrong cards. They commented how bright and sussed out he was and now has been discharged from the speech therapist so im over the moon.

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