Monday, 30 January 2012

Update Zaggora Hotpants Two Week Challenge

Well I can't say much apart that I'm utterly thrilled to bits!! They defiantly work!!

I started off the challenge thinking I would start exercise and eat healthier, as normal like today something always crops up. ( Raidens off school today with an allergic reaction)

So back to the hotpants, I decided to give them a run for there money. I've done no exercise and ate the same as I normally would do..

Although zaggora do say for maximum effect exercise and a well balanced diet is needed too. They may be good but they don't work miracles you have to work a bit too.

So the results I've lost 4lbs and an inch of my tummy and legs, my skin feels really smooth and my stretch marks have faded quite a bit too off my tummy.

I'm actually really motivated because with exercise and my change of eating these are going to be fantastic.

The only thing I would suggest is to have two pairs one to wear and one to wash due to having to hand wash they take a while to dry. I'm saving for another pair so fingers crossed I will have another pair soon.

Anyway it's a massive thumbs up from me :)

Pop over to there fab website here to check out there fab products.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Sad News, When Five became 4 :(

Well as normal i went to clean Jessie the hamster out, to my surprise she didn't stir or wake up when i picked her up, when i did she was cold and hard. Not many occasion's I'm speechless but i was in this case, i called dad to have a look and he;s thoughts was the same as mine. Oh no the hamsters dead!!

Not only did we get on her a week before Christmas. She had already been poorly and taken back once to the pet shop i was totally gutted. Dad told Raiden, who didn't seem phased at all by the response he wanted to see her. He asked many questions on why, who's fault it is and why can see be alive in hamster heaven and not as hes pet. He went into school yesterday very upset burst in to tears and ripped the picture he took in Monday of her.

Its so sad to try and explain to a child the whys and hows. We explained about hamster heaven and the hamster fairies took her up there. Hes been a little upset but been cheered up with a DVD and a promise of a new furry friend, that he wants to take extra care of.

So for now RIP Jessie, Raiden will miss you loads.

Organix Goodies Carrot And Tomato Savoury, Veg & Oat Bars

Well Lexie is a massive fan of the Organix Goodies range, her favoutive is the cheese and herb puffs. Lexie loves finger foods, but i struggle to get Fruit and vegetables down her, so i worry she isn't getting the right foods. I do try and do less of the sweet stuff and will always pick savoury unless its fruit or yogurts.

Organic veg & oat bars carrot & tomato containing a blend of organic wholegrain oats, barley malt extract, carrot juice concentrate and dried tomato so there like a flapjack sort of breakfast bar, but each bar comes sealed so there great just to pop in your bag for on the go.

Goodies Veg & Oat Bars come with the Organix No Junk Promise, a goodness guarantee to us mums. Only real ingredients are used that means no added sugar, salt, artificial additives or colours.

I did break the bar in half for Lexie and popped it in a bowl with some cucumber sticks, i was quite surprised that she ate 3/4 of it and seemed to really enjoy it.

Its definitely something i will add on to my shopping list along with the carrot sticks, cheese and herb puffs, sweetcorn rings & the rice cakes i already buy from the Organix goodies range. 

To see the full range of Organix Goodies please pop over to there website

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Busy busy bee - Update on the kids

So I've been none stop since after Christmas, think having a two week break from my blog had a backwards effect on me.

Firstly i had my first Quinnycaster mission to complete. A mountain of emails to get though and lots of things to review and test :)

Ive had a few appointments with the kids too, my first one was a hearing test with little Lexie. Dad is completely deaf in one ear so she had to have another at around eight months.
The test started off well with Lexie reponsing to the high pitched sounds and following the toys. She struggled with the low pitched sounds and lost interest half way though and found where all the toys was coming from... Yes a box on the floor. So she ended up failing the test as there is some congestion behind her ears.
We have to go back for a re-test just before her first birthday. The ladies did explain that because she had been unwell and teething it can cause congestion too, so I'm hoping its just down to that and there isnt nay further problems.

My second appointment was with Raiden at the speech therapist, we had been waiting on an appointment for around eight months, he has really improved within them months and was taken off hes extra help with speech over a month ago.

 Raidens problems started at just before hes 2nd birthday, we moved house, changed nursery and he's grandad passed away which he used to spend quite alot of time with. Raiden was coming on leaps and bounds before this point and hes speech was great for a nearly two year old.

Raiden stopped speaking and didn't eat a solid for over two weeks, he started to point at things he wanted and refused to comment on anything. We struggled to find the right nursery for him and he ended up being placed in three nurseries, the last one he seemed to settle in very well. As the months passed on he began to speak a little more but often got frustrated as the communication as the relationships just wasnt there. The nursery was worried as he would play on he's own and if anyone came near him he would hit out at the other children and staff. He got extra help and was always praised with one -to-one attention, just in big groups he would struggle.

He started at school nursery in 2010 and has came on a treat, hes speech is fantastic and is slowly building up hes social skills, hes a bright and clever boy ad knows what buttons to push and not. He has been taken off help for hes' speech but is still struggling with he's behaviour. Although hes not as bad as he used to be, its the more not listing that hitting out.

Right back to the speech therapist the ladies did a series of picture lotto and picture cards and games, he was a crafty one as he was tricking the lady to pick up the wrong cards. They commented how bright and sussed out he was and now has been discharged from the speech therapist so im over the moon.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crazy Soap Review & Competition

Well i was delighted to get sent a massive box of goodies. Raiden is a massive water worm. He loves bubbles and will say in the bath until he is all wrinkly and the waters cold. We got sent the following products.

  • Bath goo (yellow) 250ml  

  • Bath foam (green) 225ml

  • Bath foam  ( white) 225ml  

  • Body paint (red) 150ml 

  • body paint (blue) 150ml  

  • So before bathtime i showed him the products and told him to pick two. if i would of left him he would of used the whole five. He picked the white bath foam & the bath goo and lathered himself and he's little sister with them. As you know Lexie has very sensitive skin so i was rather concerned this may flare her up, but it didn't and seemed to leave both of there skin soft.

    I never have a problem with getting Raiden in the bath, just the concept of him washing himself. I brought him he's own shower gel and sponges but i have to tend to go in and give him a wash down. With him going mommmmmmm. So with the foam. goo and body paint it was simple as he had to rub it in for the effect! Problem solved. Plus it has a soft fruity fragrance hooray!

    The Bath goo gave lots of long lasting bubbles, which is pretty rare with children's stuff, as you blink and the bubbles are gone.

    Raiden favourtive is the body paint as he seems to create works of art, letters and pictures on himself. There hasn’t been a bath time since that these haven’t been used.

    Raiden is absolutely amazed by these products and loves to see what colour he can change the bathwater! YUCK.

    I personally haven't seem these to buy anywhere but they can be brought from
    amazon and quite a few supermarkets I've been told.

    Please follow Crazy Soap on Facebook here  

    So to win your own pot of bath goo, just leave me a comment with a way of contacting you if you win & what you favourtive bath product is.

    Also please follow my blog too.

    competition will close on the 22nd February at 9pm.
    UK and Ireland only.

    Monday, 23 January 2012

    More Pictures Of The Quinny Moodd

    Lexie loves to sleep in the Quinny Moodd and its great how it reclines all the way back too.

    Here she is checking out the Raincover

    Hi mummy, i can see you.

    I love how the hood is massive, it going to be great in the summer. Ive always found that the hoods are pointless on most prams as they never cover the child.

    The raincover full on picture

    Zaggora Hotpants Update

    Well i was going to wait for two weeks to tell you my results but I'm rather thrilled with them, I've been wearing the hotpants for 6 out the 7 days for around 6-7 hours per time. Ive done my exercise with them just wearing them around the house.

    Ive measured myself and I've lost an inch of my tummy and an inch off each leg! Hooray! I cant believe the results, its made me more determined to exercise more, because you can just imagine the amazing results. My Wii Fit is set up ad ready to roll.

    Ive also noticed my tummy and legs are smother and soft.

    I cant wait for my results next week.

    Over and out :)

    Saturday, 21 January 2012

    Win A Babybornfree Pink teether

    Hi guys i have up for grabs a pink/purple babybornfree teether. These teether are simple but really effective and easy for little hands to hold.

    Here is little Lexie with hers.

    Please check out my review on it.

    If you would like to win, please follow my blog and leave me a comment with a way of contacting you if you win.

    Competition will end on 20th February at 9pm

    UK and Ireland only


    Sudocrem Needs Your help!

    Sudocrem needs more of your help to raise money in support of the NSPCC's 'All babies count' campaign.

    For every 'Like' on the Sudocrem Facebook page 

     Click For Sudocream On Facebook.  

    Sudocrem will donate 50p to the NSPCC. Sudocrem have pledged to donate £25,000 in total to the NSPCC to help protect babies and prevent abuse to children.

    Please please take two minutes just to like there page and help towards protecting children that cant protect themselves that go though nightmares every day.

    Please pop over to the Sudocrem website to see the full campaign. 

    Monday, 16 January 2012

    So the loosing weigt begins..

    I was lucky enough to be given a code for a free pair of zaggora hotpants from a comping friend. I'm very eager to loose some weight ( i want to loose 6 stone & hopefully four dress sizes) So my measurements have been taken and I'm going to do the two week challenge which is to measure myself again in two weeks after wearing the hotpants as much as i can. When i first pulled them out they are like wetsuit material and my other half laughs as they make that squishy sound when i walk hehe.

    The Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Im hoping they give my the boost i need to start off losing some baby weight.

    * This is not a picture of my bum either, if i had a bum like this i wouldn't need the hotpants*

    Wish me luck :)

    Sunday, 15 January 2012

    Silent Sunday

    First impressions of the Quinny Moodd

    Ive had a few days to play so i decided i would write up my first impressions. So far im pretty impressed.

    I love the colour, I'm actually pleased the purple wasn't in the UK yet as i was torn between the two, the red is like a postbox red so its really bright.

    Its pretty lightweight and has pump up wheels ( even the other half was impressed, he was like right i will pump them up. after he did he was like ok its ready to use). After he found the little pump i the zip up pocket in the shopping basket.

    The wheels make it glide and is easy to steer with one hand. I was pretty surprised with how wide it was it does seem smaller on the pictures, i keep forgetting that the front is smaller than the back, I've been caught out a few times.

    I love the bar on the front, Lexie loves holding on to it like shes driving beep beep, its easy to get her in, but she takes after me with her chunky legs so it seems she gets caught on it when i try and take her out. So i just slide the bar out which has an elastic loop on so you wont loose it and unstrap her and shes out.

    The moodd must be comfortable as every time Lexie's been in it shes fell asleep, i love how it reclines so easy with just a pull on the back, I've always found you struggle with the ones you have to find the bar to pull at the back. I'm loving the parent facing as I've never had one before apart from the travel system, Lexie is always having a little chat with me now as i push her along.

    The main pro for me is its so easy to get up the stairs in the flat, i was really struggling with my last pushchair as it felt i was pulling a bus up. The Moodd is amazing it just so light and because of the big wheels it just bumps up. The extended handle is great too as I'm 5ft 7 and dad is over 6ft so, so with most of my pushchairs I've always felt I'm hunched over.


    Saturday, 14 January 2012

    Baby Proofing

    Well it seems my little angel is in too absolutely everything, you turn your back and she doing something she shouldn't be..

    I was only folding the washing out the drier, when i thought shes gone quiet. I go and find her in the living room playing with her toys, i turned around to find this. My fault really as i should know to shut the door! ( im not sure how it got flung into the sink either)  

    So today Ive been baby proofing as much as i can, the CD rack has been turned around so she cant pull the Cd's out, everything out of baby reach has been put away. Ive also put bands around the cupboards so she cant get in to them anymore.The DVDs are in tight. I have a feeling I've forgot something though still.

    Think i need eyes in the back of my head... He he :)

    MAM Pink Trainer Cup 6mths+

    You all know I've had a Battle with Lexie and her drinking out of a cup, i thought i had cracked it but sure enough she is refusing it out of a cup again. Ive tryed every cup going, i have cupboard full in the kitchen. She doesn't seem to like any!

    The MAM trainer cup has a Soft, spill free spout and is BPA free. Its the same kind of height and shape as a bottle and has interchangeable handles that you can use with MAM bottles.

    The Trainer Bottle from MAM is great for helping babies transition from breast or bottle to a cup. Age 6 months +

    Lexie was a bit cautious of the cup at first i casually left it in her reach to see if she picked it up herself. It didn't take her long to reach and grab it and drank most of the juice in it ( i did only put a 1/4 in just to see how it went), We have had the cup for over two weeks now and i can safely say that Lexie is drinking out of it by herself and no longer has juice out of a bottle hooray!!

    MAM have just brought some gorgeous owl designs out, so please go and check them out over at

    Thursday, 12 January 2012

    Whats this a new competion for Lush Perfume. CLOSED

    I love that smell when you walk past a lush shop, it lingers for ages. I always love popping in a bath bomb and having a good old soak.

    For my latest competition i have up for grabs three solid perfume sticks.

    Imogen Rose (RRP £10)
    Karma RRP (£4.95)
    The smell Of Freedom ( RRP £7)

    For your chance to win just follow my blog and leave me a comment with a way off contacting you if you are the lucky winner.

    Competition open to UK & Ireland only.
    If not contact is made in 7 days it will be re-drawn or if the person isn't a blog follower.
    competition with end on the 10th February at 9pm.

    Hello Quinny Moodd, you sexy thing you...

    As you all know i was chosen to be a Quinnycaster back in may to test the Senzz, the mission got axed so we was asked if we would like to test a brand spanking new product. I'm a little blog, just waffling on and on about my beautiful children and i would never of thought i would be picked for an amazing opportunity. Its been a long eight months but yes.... its here!! woooo hooo.

    So the delivery man came and i nearly bit he's hand off, because all i saw was the Quinny logo.

    Lexie was up and hanging on to the box, she must of known, it was her new pimped up ride! After it taking me nearly ten minutes to open the box, they packed it good, with it flipped over and me smacking it there it was all i saw was postbox red. Its bright!

    Normally i leave these tasks to strong daddy, but i was rather excited so i decided i would man up and do it myself. I was pretty impressed as it only took me 20 minutes go mommy and that's with a little monkey trying to help me too.

    Lexie was straight in and she she seemed to love it while i was wheeling about the living room, i love how its parent facing and i can see her smiley face.

    And the box also doubled up as a playpen too...

    So now the task beings and my missions start. I'm so happy to be part of a brand new project.

    Wednesday, 11 January 2012

    mummy matters week with sudcrem

    Please help support mummys matters week

     Between Monday 9th & Friday 13th January 2012, a team of the UK’s leading lifestyle experts will be sharing need to know advice on a range of subjects as well as answering direct questions from the Sudocrem Facebook community.

    Sudocrem would love for all Mums to join the Sudocrem Facebook community
    and get involved by asking questions directly to the experts.
    • Monday 9th January 2012 - Jennifer Liston-Smith (Executive & Maternity Coach)
    • Tuesday 10th January 2012 - Claire Wylde (Dietician)
    • Wednesday 11th January 2012 - Jo Barnard (Careers Advisor)
    • Thursday 12th January 2012 - Wendy Powell (Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert)
    • Friday 13th January 2012 - Beth Goodrham (Personal Stylist)
    Pop over and take a look its not to be missed

    Im back....

    I'm back and refreshed having two weeks off, i have lots of tell you all!

    Firstly Christmas was fantastic. the kids was spoilt and i had lots of smiles and laughter. We left Santa lots of sparkly stars on the door mat along with the special Santa key to open the door. Raiden wasn't to impressed that the reindeer only ate half he's carrot though.

    Jessie the hamster was poorly over Christmas and was sent to the animal hospital for three days, she fine now and back to her happy self.

    After stuffing two Christmas dinners down me ( one on boxing day as well as Christmas day) I'm on  a mission to loose weight this year.

    I realised that i actually completed one of my new year resolutions last year. whoop!! That was to do more activities with the kids. Raiden has been doing swimming lessons and I've gone to new baby classes with Lexie too.

    So this year I'm just setting the one, to give blood! Its something Ive always wanted to do and never done.

    So Happy 2012 To You All

    Lexie loved all her toys and the boxes they came in he he. i was very spoilt too i got a beautiful Thomas sabo necklace and new charm for my bracelet, a kindle and lots of soap and glory, yummy mummy me.