Friday, 23 December 2011

A new addition Jessie.

Well since back in April, when my dad and sister popped in to pets at home for some dog bits. Raiden has been dead set on having a hamster. The tantrum and tears he provided on that day was awful, i said to him when he's five he could have one thinking ahhh he will forget in 10 months time...... That was a massive mistake.

Ever since most weeks he asked how many sleeps till he's five and its been named for Jessie for months. With the amount of toys Raidens both getting I've gave in and Grandad got one for Christmas. So we set off for pets at home and left grandad with a lighter wallet & a new addition. The staff there was great and got a few out for Raiden to see and touch we went for a Syrian hamster as there bigger.

 has settled well with Jessie, even though hes been bit twice because of him poking he's fingers though, he asks to have her out all the time. So now I'm left with another chore of hamster cage cleaning per week now. She  is band to the living room at night as Raidens says she is far noisy on her wheel.

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