Saturday, 17 December 2011

MAM Bite & relax teether phase 2

Well MAM have done it again, they have brought out a new lightweight mini teether perfect for tiny hands.

As you all know I'm having a difficult time at the moment and Lexie teething, shes up in the night and pretty clingy all day dribbling with her rosy reds so I jumped at the chance to test there new teether.

So whats so special about the new mini teethers? The innovative shape and structures provides instant pain relief, its extra light and handy for on the go. Its doesn't come with a clip so you would have to add on so it isn't thrown out of the pram while its out and about. I love the shape of it its amazing not like any other teether I've saw. I gave it to Lexie and it when straight in to her mouth and she kept finding it and chomping on it throughout the day, its the first time she has used a teether for the whole day. I think because its small and easy to use that's why i think she kept going back to it.

The teether comes again with its own fantastic sterilising box just like the MAM perfect soother. So you pop the teether in the box, add clean water and microwave for 3 minutes and there you go a clean teether again. This idea is great if you your on holiday or out at family's especially with the holiday season coming up this means you don't have to take a bag full of teethers along with you just the one and the box! Hurrah.

There is also a MAM Bite & relax teether phase 1 for younger babies which is shaped like a dummy for those front teeth.

These will be available to buy soon from, but please keep checking there facebook page to see when they are available 

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