Thursday, 8 December 2011

Funky Giraffe Bibs & Exclusive Sleepsuit Range

Well we was lucky to get a huge parcel from Funky Giraffe Bibs. Lexie has been dribbling like crazy the past few weeks so they couldn't of came at a better time. I opened the parcel and pulled out four gorgeous bibs, they are made from soft cotton fronts with a wild and funky range of colours and designs. There Dribble bibs have 2 sets of Nickel Free poppers for a comfy fit, and a fleece backing helps stop moisture soaking through the dribble bib. I'm glad they had poppers and not Velcro as i brought some Velcro ones, and they looked like they was really tight. Where the Funky giraffe bibs looked lovely and cosy.

After looking on there website they really live up to there name they have a massive range of funky designs there is something for everyone.

The designs we got was a funky giraffe, a pink dotty, a gorgeous flower pattern and the families favourtive a pink camper van. The other half wants a sleep suit in this design, he he. We went thought all four in the one day, told you she was a dribble monster. They did slightly soak though so i did have to change her top the once.

I popped one on her for her baby club and asked where it was from and how pretty it was and different. The bibs came up as good as new after a wash and a tumble dry and still unstained so pretty durable and long lasting. a lot of my bibs have got dull and tatty after a few washes so these are great!

Ive already got my next five designs picked, so why don't you pop over and have a look as there fantastic range -  Click Here For Funky Giraffe

The next item is an exclusive as its not being released until the new year.  We had a gorgeous pink babygrow with a silver crown on sent to us . It was a lovely fit and not to heavy so we popped over a sleeping bag on the night and she was really snug.  These are pretty cool and i hope they add some of there bib designs on them.

The last item was a all in one bib, which with Lexie now having more finger foods was great. No more surprises up the sleeves or mess all over her tops, as this completely covers the whole front her. Its easy to clean and had a pretty pattern on it. All i need is shower cap on her head and i would be well away.

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