Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fun Packed Day

Well with the teachers striking Raiden was off school, so first of all he drawed a lovely angel and covered her from head to toe in glitter along with a large portion of it on the carpet too.

Next was baking cupcakes, well a dear friend is always making me rather hungry with her baking statues and these cupcakes popped up which she had made and i thought they was amazing. Cookie Monsters yum!

So we made the cupcakes are usual and left them to cool.

We mixed blue paste with butter, icing sugar and coconut to make it look furry and fluffy. We added it on the the cupcakes popped a cookie into the cake making sure they was icing under to help it stick out and added to giant button with black pipping icing. For next time i need to get a lighter paste, smaller buttons and a throw away piping bag for next time and maybe some gloves as it gave me very blue hands.

We finshed off with watching some buddies dvds, which Raiden had won from a fancy dress competition. Overall a fantastic day. 

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