Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dylon Fabric Paints

As you all know me and Raiden love anything crafty, we we thrilled to be sent some Dylon fabric paints. The paints came and they was pretty glittery Christmas colours.

Unlike other fabric paints, Dylon's remain soft even when they're dry. Whatever you decide, just iron once dry to have a design that will last. They come in pots and squeezy bottle so are easy to use.

I asked Raiden what he wanted to do with them and he said something for he's baby sister Lexie for Christmas. So we had some plain white bibs, i thought it would be a perfect present off her big brother to pop in her stocking for Christmas day.

We sent off and Raiden had planned out what he wanted to do a picture of her with a star and a heart. The products are very easy to handle and he did pretty well, we had a bit of a blob where he squeezed a bit hard but that was it. The glitter was very pretty in the paint is quick drying too.

The gold pot we found a little paint brush so we could paint around the glitter.

Raiden really enjoyed the designing and painting the bib and has asked if he can do a T-shirt next for himself, so it looks like some more fabric paints for Christmas.

To check out the massive range of colours please pop over to the DYLON website.

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  1. ah thats deadly good job little man lexie claus will b pleased