Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Countdown Lexie's First Christmas

Don't think there is anything more exciting that a first event. Lexie will be eight months this year, so its rather exciting.

Last year at Christmas it was awful, Raiden got chicken pox two days before Christmas eve and he was so poorly, lots of tears. We felt so sorry for him.  So this year i want lots of smiles and laughter.

This year as always I'm prepared, I'm the type of person that rarely buys anything for full price unless i have too. So i got all of Lexie's presents in the mothercare sale every one had either 30%-50% off saving me a total of £75. Most of Raiden's presents i picked up from TXMaxx saving me £45.

Ive recently starting comping in May to pass the time while Lexie was sleeping and since then Ive been hooked. Ive been very lucky and won some amazing prizes in total over £11,000 worth lots of extra goodies for the kids. Raiden's artwork has been popular too and has won him a massive box of sweets, which he was thrilled about and a firework picture that won me a Yummy Mummy bag. I do have an amazing son :)

So back to Christmas, we decided against a real tree due to Lexie picking up every little bit off the floor she can find and eating it so we didn't want her chomping on pine needles. We decorated the tree and she been amazed by the all sparkly and shinny stuff but pulling all the baubles off and getting stuck in the lights of the tree! I'm amazed she hasn't pulled it down yet, but Raiden has. Lexie has been treated to an advent calender which the chocolate gets mostly down her front rather than her eating it.

We made some yummy biscuit decorations to pop on there tree with glitter icing, don't think there many left when i counted though.

All the kids presents are wrapped and ready to go, brought lots of stocking fillers and Raiden has rather yummy Cake pops to go in he's. Think I'm more excited than the kids, although i think Lexie will be more impressed with the paper and shiny bows i think.

Say Hello to Lexie Claus.


  1. I cant wait to see your xmas morn pics as i still remember raiden with his pox last yr opening his lol poor fella well hopefully this yr will b amazing am loving minnie claus pmsfl

  2. Aww..Here's to a great Christmas for you and your little family this year hun xx