Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Can poundland really save you money?

I'm a huge fan of Poundland i tend to say I'm only popping in for a few bits then i end up spending £10. I always get all my cleaning stuff from there, toothpaste, shower gel & good old sellotape. You really cant beat it really as the other supermarkets Ive noticed the Dettol spray is £1.87 in another leading supermarket that's a huge different in price. Now I'm not going back to work and now my maternity pay has ran out I've got to be super careful and try and cut down as much as possible with  my shopping and spread the shopping as much as i can.

So i wanted to share this latest news release with you.

News release
14 December 2011

Shoppers will spend ten hours hunting out Christmas bargains throughout December
that’s before they’ve even purchased the goods!

A survey of 2,000 UK shoppers conducted by Europe’s biggest single price discount retailer, Poundland, has revealed that 40% of consumers plan to spend at least ten hours in December sniffing out Christmas bargains. And this is before they actually buy the goods; the ten hours will be dedicated to researching deals to ensure they are buying at the best possible price. What’s more a staggering 20% confirmed they actually expect to spend three hours each week in December researching where the best deals are – that’s equivalent to two whole working days!

The research asked how consumers feel about budgets in the run up to Christmas and found that five out of 10 shoppers visit at least three different stores to purchase weekly household and grocery essentials. By contrast, the same percentage confirmed that before the recession they were more likely to be loyal to one brand or shop. The reason for the change? To make sure they get the best deal to save money.

Jim McCarthy, CEO at Poundland comments: “It’s clear that when shoppers feel squeezed, brand loyalty becomes less important than getting the best price. Supermarkets change their offers all the time; it leaves consumers confused and pushes them to shop around before making a purchase. By contrast, with one single price point, shoppers can be savvy and budget as they fill their basket, making it easier to work out whether they’re getting a bargain. There’ll also be no shock with the final price of their basket at the till point.”

As more and more families start to feel the pinch, shopping in budget stores is becoming socially acceptable. Over half (52%) of consumers taking part in Poundland’s research said they now shopped regularly in budget stores - one in three of this group confirmed they wouldn’t have stepped foot in a discount store two years ago.

McCarthy continues: “Consumers now talk about ‘good deals’ they’ve found and share them with friends and family. It’s obviously great for discount retailers – however, we do need to continue offering shoppers exceptional quality products for amazing value.”

Poundland also asked 2,000 UK shoppers what retailer they thought would be offering the best deals on gifts and decorations for 2011. The top five favourites are:

1. Tesco
2. Asda
3. Poundland
4. Wilkinsons
5. Sainsburys

So here is a price comparison it really can save you money.

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