Friday, 25 November 2011

Relief I got the all clear!

Well i got the call yesterday i had been waiting for since July! Back in July, i had a lump removed, it had been there for a while, but i was so scared of the outcome that i didn't get it checked. After the other half eventually saying if you don't get it seen to I'm gonna make the appointment myself an drag you up there. After seeing the doctor she said it needs to be removed ASAP, But because i was heavy pregnant to wait until after i had my daughter. She thought it was a fatty lump but said she cant be sure until it gets to the lab and tested.

So surely after my Lexie was born i made the appointment & went in for the small operation, it felt like i was in there for about two hours but i wasn't the lump so so big that after it was all out it was the size of a golf ball. I was stitched up and sent of home and told some results would be back in about 8ish weeks.

So since then I've had so much worry with stupid things going though my head, wondering how long i would see my kids faces, how ill i would get and planing my own funeral in my head!

Jeez i cant believe how stupid I've been, my lesson learnt is never ever leave anything like this for so long, maybe if i got it checked i wouldn't of been in so much pain after as it would of been smaller.

After the phone call yesterday it felt like an elephant had been lifted off my shoulders. It wasn't an infection, cancer or nothing serious just a massive fatty lump. I was not the only one worried either, my other half was too.

If anyone has the same problem and is too scared, please find the courage and go it may not be as bad as you think. Anyone im off shopping today for treat for me :)

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